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I sometimes barge into conversations about decentralisation or distribution with "working on it". I am, in phases.

Right now the focus is on stable, efficient, fast, encrypted multi-path capable streaming. A mixture of WireGuard, some things popularized by QUIC, but mostly experience from Joost.

Next up will have to be some (optimized) other P2P building blocks.

After that? Depends. Really think something like planet scale 9p (). But that enables a lot.


If you are an Indian national, please stay safe. Others who may see this, please boost it. Stopping this is a community effort. Just because now it doesn't affect you, it doesn't mean it won't in a future.

I humbly ask for your help:


Ah yes, the infamous witch-sorcerer axis.

"My new paper, out now in Current Anthro, documents global patterns in mystical harm beliefs & tries to explain them. I built a database of mystical harm beliefs (e.g., beliefs about witches, the evil eye, etc.) covering 60 diverse societies. The 49 raw variables of the database reduced to 2 principal components: ‘witchiness’ & ‘sorcery-evil eye’."

It's way outside my area of expertise to comment on that seriously.

But it might explain why the English expression on the surface lauds the consensus, while the German is more obviously offensive.

I'll leave that up to you to decide.

All I really wanted to remark on is how different the expressions are. And look at me go, four toots down and nothing much learned 😂

I better stop while I'm ahead.

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... expressions are much more closely related than is immediately apparent.

However, on the face of it, there is a fundamental difference.

In the somewhat humorous pop-science book Watching the English, social anthropologist Kate Fox compares British politeness and restraint with that in Japanese culture, and speculates that the relative confines of both Island nation boundaries have led to a kind of habitual self-deprecation, as a prevention mechanism for open conflict.

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... speaker.

In the German form, calling you and other people with the same idea stupid is self-depreciating, but tends to be laughed off and one moves ahead with the idea anyway. If the phrase is applied to other people, however, it's taken more seriously.

In English, self-deprecation is a far more common form of communication than German, so clapping yourself on the shoulder by applying the phrase to yourself almost has to be taken with a good dose of irony.

In that sense, the ...

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Every now and then I am reminded of this:

English: great minds think alike.
German: Zwei Dumme, ein Gedanke (roughly: two idiots, one thought)

What I find fascinating here is that it embodies two completely opposing views on a kind of spontaneous consensus. The British mindset apparently sees it as a suggestion that there is something to it, while the German reacts with suspicion.

The matter is complicated -and simplified - by the fact that both expressions are often used to describe the ...

#Sound #Remote
Do you miss the sounds of working in bars? Then this is perfect for you: you can switch on different background sounds. I don't enjoy working in bars, but I love working with the sound of rain on windows

Dear set/prop makers for SF films/series - please stop using the European ski boxes for torpedoes or capsules etc. For me as European it completely ruins the illusion every single time. Looking at you, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D and Star Trek! cc

Is it worth it to spend an hour or two recompiling and re-publishing both paperback and e-book at three distributors to fix 1.5 typos?

I dunno, but I just did. (The half error, a missed capital, was in the e-book but not the paperback for some reason.) I appreciate folks sending those my way. I like the books to be pristine, even though I know they never will be.

The real thing keeping most of us out of STEM is that *others’ bad behavior* leads to us feel like we’d be happier elsewhere.

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Theme for the day. Trying to get a conf call set up, and have switched systems a few times because every system produced audio issues for one or more of the participants.

It also happens to fit

Now even though Crowbar is referred to as sludge metal, I always felt their early works had a similarly mechanic feel as industrial. I can see how sludge evolved in a very different direction, and this track shows both sides pretty well: both the slow, sludgy parts as well as the repetitive, clangy rhythms.

The other thing I associate Fear Factory with is my tentative flirt with industrial.

But I've always preferred Pitchshifter.

I also got into some kind of argument with another friend some years later whether "industrial" refers to the metal subgenre, or the techno subgenre. You know, that's not an argument I want to have, but it was always the former for me. YMMV.

Gene has said in interviews that the only band he does not actually remember playing in is Fear Factory.

Fear Factory isn't exactly my kind of jam, but I have a somewhat soft spot for them because a friend of mine got me into metal back in school via them and a bunch of other bands. So I associate the band very much with the last few years of school.

Continuing with Gene Hoglan and Dark Angel, "Darkness Descends" is inspired by the Judge Dredd comics, just as is Anthrax' "I am the Law".

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