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Both and the Software Foundation have issued statements regarding ' return to the . Within a few days.

But neither has yet bothered to respond to a member and employee shutting down a discussion on project direction with a racist remark. Within almost two weeks now?

This is what hypocrisy looks like.

The issue itself is mild. The implications for the issue to people facing abuse more regularly is dire. The handling is abysmal.

Yeah, you can boost that.

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Aspect of an .

I sometimes barge into conversations about decentralisation or distribution with "working on it". I am, in phases.

Right now the focus is on stable, efficient, fast, encrypted multi-path capable streaming. A mixture of WireGuard, some things popularized by QUIC, but mostly experience from Joost.

Next up will have to be some (optimized) other P2P building blocks.

After that? Depends. Really think something like planet scale 9p (). But that enables a lot.

Tempted to write a very, very simple JSON-RPC library. I have portable sockets, and I have JSON parsing, it would just take away a bit of boilerplate. Hmm. It's not something I actively need, but kind of sort of need.

A sign that you’re in a cult: when your whole life has revolved around the religion to the point that your identity is so tied to it, you find yourself asking non-religious people “How does your life have any meaning?”

Also, PSA, the line is "wie treu sind Deine Blätter". Both "grün" and "schön" are commonly seen, but only "treu" makes any real sense with the lyrics.

You're welcome.

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Singing "O Tannenbaum" at the end of June because...

... it's the song my son currently accepts for falling asleep.

@NGIZero ... stacks better in case there are other ways by which we can benefit from each other. I'm sure there are, but that'll take more exploring than an hour's chat.

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Just had a nice conversation with developer t3sserakt about possible synergies with - since we're going to be @NGIZero buddies, by the looks of it.

We pursue fairly similar high level goals by fairly diverging ways. GNUnet has a greater focus on being a framework for coordinating all kinds of different tech, so most likely we could plug some of interpeer's layers into GNUnet. I just need to make progress.

In the meantime, we want to understand each other's...

Huh, what's that humming noise? Proud to announce we installed our new server into a #Datacenter last weekend, CI and other features are coming into range.

This is a major milestone for #Codeberg, we have been waiting for this for a long time, investing a huge share of our funds into this project.

Thank you for your regular donations, especially as members of the non-profit association. You didn't join yet? Consider doing so today to support our mission:

Also wenn wer nen Arzt in NRW kennt der auch ohne das man vorher schon mal da war impfen würde wären wir für Tipps dankbar

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Never forget:
AI = Proprietary algorithm

Every decision, or indecision, made by whatever label the cluster of programs and datasets are called must never absolve an org for its role in any particular action(s)

@bfdi Gut aufpassen, dass da nicht am falschen Ende hingeguckt und reguliert wird: Die Technologie zur KI ist eigentlich insgesamt eher langweilig und unterscheidet sich vom Regulierungsbedarf eigentlich kaum von normaler IT.

Was sich neu abzeichnet ist die Tendenz, Entscheidungsprozesse dem Computer zu überlassen. Das hat mit der Technik recht wenig zu tun, wird auf Dauer m.E. aber die größeren Probleme schaffen - zum Beispiel, wenn die Verantwortung zu Rechtsverstößen durch den "Das hat der Algorithmus gemacht, können wir nichts zu sagen"-Joker wegdiffundiert.

Von daher: wenn für jedes System, das in Deutschland wirkende Entscheidungen trifft, ein:e Verantwortliche:r im Rahmes des deutschen Rechts bestimmt werden müsste, um für die Entscheidungen einzustehen, als wären sie persönlich getroffen worden, wäre das Thema vom Tisch, oder?

Und ja, das betrifft dann auch Sachen wie Kredit-Scoring, selbst wenn es "ohne KI" zustande kommt.

(Gut, "KI" als Buzzword für Startups wäre dann tot, denn um diese Verantwortungsdiffusion geht es den meisten {Fin,Med,...}Tech-Klitschen anscheinend. Aus meiner Sicht eine Win-win Situation ;-) )

If you truly followed this thread, I'm sorry for you, but at least you're not alone.

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Meanwhile, bespandexed heroes and gore-covered swordspeople keep regurgitating stories of how few people's grit will somehow fix it all, in an epic fight scene with shit hot CGI.

Without the CGI, no happy ending. There must be a fight every seven minutes. That's the art direction for the news cycle.

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And I'm genuinely angry at anyone participating in the disinformation swamp, while at the same time wanting to help them out. But there are not enough spoons in several kitchens for that, to stretch the analogy a tad.

I am left hoping this will magically blow over (hah!), and wondering if it's even possible for me to give my kids the tools to navigate this shit.

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No, these aren't dark thoughts for a holiday. It's unstructured rambling that I'd like to find some structure for, and this downtime has given me the best chance yet to spew something out.

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Herd behaviour aka group organisation (with specialisation), the evolutionary advantage we've had, is trapping us here. Individualism and isolation sure ain't gonna help, either.

It sure feels like the post-factual present has the best chances at killing us all off yet. Not the nuclear threat, we're sort of powering through a pandemic, no. The environment is fucked, but before the waters rise enough, we'll have managed to lie ourselves into oblivion.

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This thread is a lot more ranty than I intended.

Here's the thing that gets me: why?

Why is it that *now*, in 2021 at the tail end of a pandemic, in the middle of the information wars, formerly/otherwise reasonable people jump out of the woodworks and proclaim all kinds of contradictory nonsense as fact?

I kinda answered the question there. But the implication would be that people rely too much on current consensus for sense making, and that is not universally trustworthy these days.

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