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I don't recall where I encountered this phrase, but I think it should be my motto.

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Hi there,

my name is Jens; nice to meet you!

I figured it was time for a new .

A few years back I started the project to provide a next generation internet that better incorporates human rights protections. No, I don't expect to be done anytime soon :) I'm likely to barge into discussions adjacent to this topic.

I live in the countryside with my family and my tortoise, and like watching things grow.

I also started the tag. Maybe that's for you?


Set a date to get my omicron boosters (4th shot) tomorrow. Today I wake up to a temperature of 39, and a faintly positive test. Fuck that shit.

So far, I'm not bad - I can smell, mild snottiness, occasional mild headache, mostly I feel dizzy and weak, but I'd do that with any fever.

But I didn't need that. And we have an unvaccinated kid, who I now have to stay away from. Ugh.

The Thorny Problem of Keeping the Internet’s Time

An obscure software system synchronizes the network’s clocks. Who will keep it running?

#scifi #tech #technology #internet #NTP

@aral @cubicgarden @kranzkrone this.

The point of BlueSky is not to build a decentralized network.

The point of BlueSky is to suck air out of decentralized networks, by pretending to build one, in a way such that it looks like a decentralized network but is still in all the really meaningful ways controlled by a single entity.

It's an attempt to keep the monopoly / roach-motel model going even though people start demanding decentralization.

@cubicgarden Jack is a Silicon Valley libertarian and a billionaire. There’s nothing weird about it. It’s entirely to be expected.

It would be weird if he embraced the fediverse/ActivityPub, etc.

In order to understand why Silicon Valley billionaires do what they do in the way that they do it, we have to first stop seeing them as the good guys. For some reason, we seem to have an ongoing inability to do that in the web community.

They’re the new robber barons.

@kranzkrone @rysiek

The Onion filed an amicus brief in the 6th circuit court of appeals in the case of someone who was arrested for making fun of the police. It's exactly as amusing as you'd expect.

Still looking for an alternative to #GiveUpGitHub? Don't want to host yourself? ⌨️
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Flammende Appelle für Putins Politik erscheinen vermeintlich auf Nachrichtenseiten wie t-online, "Bild" und "Spiegel". Doch sie sind Fakes und Teil einer riesigen prorussischen Kampagne.

"Nach dem Klick auf einen Link wirkt die Umgebung täuschend echt. Technisch werden Codes der Originalseite eingebunden, dazu Bilder und Logos und sogar die Anzeigenausspielung."

Wie Putins Trolle die deutsche Öffentlichkeit manipulieren

RT @designativista
Global calling.
Visual manifesto.

Design against Bolsonaro.

We are receiving artworks to compose a visual manifest anti-Bolsonaro and pro-Lula collaborative with worldwide participants. Submit your art now!

I may have ordered a composite to HDMI converter for the C64.

I can't get over how Orville Season 3 is just the perfect Trek.

It's lost the humour somewhat, but ended up being so much... I don't know. Trek without the filler, and inconsistencies, etc.

If anyone knows of any positions for an iOS developer, please send them my way.

iOS skills:
* SwiftUI
* Storyboarding
* Starting to learn Driverkit
* Apple Watch Development, apps and complications
* More

I'll be looking myself, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to make a post here as well.

Boosts greatly appreciated. :heart_cyber:


Hi! We are Kovok, an Alternative Metal band from Barcelona.

We believe in the power of free software and decentralized networks, and thus we release our original music on Peertube under the CC-BY-SA license.

Stay tuned for new music and announcements!

#music #freesoftware #cc #metal #kovok

Any Crypto peeps here? Not just PGP , Openssl, certs or encryption but actual Cryptanalysis and cryptography?

I get so tired of people complaining when an Open Source app has paid features.

What should the devs do instead? Starve? So they can't improve the app at all anymore?

If you want all your apps to be free, it's time to start fighting for things like UBI (Universal Basic Income) so developers don't NEED to sell app stuff to be able to stay alive.

@EU_Commission You're pointing downwards to nothing, presumably because you're auto-crossposting from Twitter?

Additionally, framing this as somehow a problem to do with workers instead of companies wanting infinitely flexible workers without paying appropriate salaries, is quite ridiculous.

I appreciate Google killing off stadia within 3 years so all those people who put their trust in renting things from a central platform can realize their terrible mistake before they forget what real ownership feels like.

Switching from gdb to valgrind and back, don't make the mistake of only changing the command line partially.

I just ran gdb in valgrind, and was shocked for a moment to see gdb crashing for no discernable reason...

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