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I don't recall where I encountered this phrase, but I think it should be my motto.

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Hi there,

my name is Jens; nice to meet you!

I figured it was time for a new .

A few years back I started the project to provide a next generation internet that better incorporates human rights protections. No, I don't expect to be done anytime soon :) I'm likely to barge into discussions adjacent to this topic.

I live in the countryside with my family and my tortoise, and like watching things grow.

I also started the tag. Maybe that's for you?

Uh, so I guess I added a gazillion new issues to @bookwyrm's GH today.

It's not the first time that I noticed that trying to have a relatively decent representation of a collection spanning around 7 decades and a few thousand books is a tad different from blogging book reviews.

That's not a criticism, for what it's worth. It's just giving me respect for librarians for whom what we have here is a cute little pet project.

Nach 2 1/2 Jahren Homeoffice zieht es mich wieder zurück unter Menschen. Da eine Arbeit vor Ort bei meinen derzeitigen AG aber nicht möglich ist (zumindest nicht ohne Umzug nach München 😉) bin ich auf #Jobsuche im Raum #Leipzig nach Stellen als #Softwareingenieur bzw. #Softwarearchitekt (bevorzugt im systemnahen Technologieumfeld, z.B. #Go, #Rust, #C, #C++). Ich biete starke analytische Fähigkeiten, Qualität statt "Move fast and break things" und jede Menge Engagement. Boosts sind willkommen!

Habt ihr bereits für den #Volksentscheid #Grundeinkommen in #Berlin unterschrieben?

Wenn nicht habt ihr dazu noch bis zum 5. September Gelegenheit. Die Initiative sucht außerdem noch fleißige Unterschriftensammler.


I would certainly be happy if F-droid included apps that use Github/lab in its "promotes non-free services" warning.
But, I guess when too many people suffer from a madness it lacks the merit to be acknowledged.

#fdroid #github #gitlab

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Does anybody here collect sand?

Yes, it's an odd hobby. From a few decades of visits to beaches, deserts and other places around the world.

Not my collection, but I can provide some details around it.

@jens @jfinkhaeuser

Oh boy.

Anyone looking for Goodreads alternatives (including Bookwyrm and Libreture😉 ) can find a HUGE list here!

Hi! I'm Camila, an artist and illustrator with a love for fantasy and horror.
I've worked with novel covers, concept art and games in general. I lean towards character art but try to keep a broader focus to cultivate the toolset needed for my own weird projects.

Looking forward to meeting other creatives!
#introduction #art #painting #illustration

@jens @jfinkhaeuser great! We should encourage more people to migrate to #bookwyrm and delete #goodreads.

@bookwyrm Also, it kind of rams home that there's a lack of a good workflow for taking pictures on your phone of book covers, perspective and colour adjusting them, and uploading them to BookWyrm.

It gives me the itch to revive my old "[book] collection management" app that was part of Google's initial push to get apps onto the then new Android platform, but at the same time, I have too many things to do already.

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@bookwyrm and/or OpenLibrary still fail at finding some of my dad's SF books from the 50s.

If I had the time now, I'd add them all, since I'm working from his study today. It'll have to wait.

Goodreads cracks me up. Got an email stating they'll discontinue this or that, and I should request my data. I request my data. I confirm the data request. I get a message saying my data "shouldn't take longer than a month" to prepare. Uh. Yes, sure.

Meanwhile, I'm @jfinkhaeuser now, with an empty shelf because I am waiting for my Goodreads data to import.

That'll be a goodbye soon from that site.

take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Ich muss heute bei 1und1 anrufen wegen ihrem scheiß Prozess dass nach dem kündigen im webinterface angerufen werden muss.

Ist ja nicht so, dass ich schon im März gekündigt hätte 🙄

"Restart Firefox" is the "Restart Windows" of the 2020s.

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