Privacy is only for those with something hide, right? 👀

Matt Mahmoudi, Advisor at Amnesty International, disagrees. And so do we ✊

“Facebook, Google and governments have reinforced a narrative whereby privacy is only for those with something to hide. But this is all wrong."

According to Matt, privacy is about #Autonomy. It's exercising our right to choose when we turn away and when and in what way we want to participate.

Do you agree?


I read an article once that the psychology of torture involves being excluded from the tribe, but exposed to it. We're fine with withdrawing away from the tribe or being part of it, but exclusion and simultaneous exposure is not a comfortable state of mind, hence torture - by whatever means - aims for that.

Doxxing, etc - forceful exposure of your private matters - is the same kind of thing.

So no, privacy is essential for well-being.

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