Thanks! It's not mine.

Something copied off the intarwebs. I think it's my wife's revenge for the dad jokes I show to her. I'd tag her, but she's not yet convinced of the fediverse.

@jens for blind person: a paper writed "Situation" under the CTRL touch on a keyboard

I keep fighting with fedilab, couldn't find where to enter the alt text *again*. Thank you for this!

@jens oh you! Have an updoot. (Wait, this isn't that platform.)

Yes, I get that. But it sure is weird when your most popular post *by far* is a shitpost.

@jens mastodon.social (biggest instance) has like 500,000 users lol

@Dannyar On my tombstone, I want to have the number of stars the toot got engraved. At my current rate of ageing, and the number of stars so far, that might reach 0,1% of those users.

@jens 😂
...yeah, this is a sad but true state of affairs here. I'm surprised there's not a term for it.

@jens Reminds me of a conversation I once had about the "See Tee Are Ell" key with an unidentified gentleman that called me out of the blue.

🤣 That is fantastic! What did he want? I mean, I have some guess, but what was the point of talking about the key?

@jens I think he wanted to guide me to the Windows key, to get me to run something to open up my PC to attack. But I blew it a bit after this fragment by answering "no" when he asked if it was a Windows computer.

I've had similar kinds of conversation with "Windows Support" scam callers. I just forgot the details and never recorded them. But yes, following instructions and being misleading as a consequence wastes their time, it's the best defence IMHO.

Something something Windows and I was running Linux at least was similar enough 😂

@jens best thing about this picture is, no Alt Right

@jens i once had a meme says "everything is under ctl" but i couldnt find it now :fox_sad:

@psychospider As I said in another comment, this isn't my picture. My wife shared it from somewhere with me. So props should go to the original poster!

@psychospider Come to think of it, I have a German keyboard (with US layout), so I'd have to come up with a different meme. "Situation unter Steuerung" is a bit odd.

Now I want an animated cyberspace movie where some attackers enter the keyboard, and security reports to the master control program "Sir, we have a situation under Control!"
The master control program raises an eyebrow.
"Wow. Finally, after all those years. And I thought you were useless."

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