@jens Reminds me of a conversation I once had about the "See Tee Are Ell" key with an unidentified gentleman that called me out of the blue.

🤣 That is fantastic! What did he want? I mean, I have some guess, but what was the point of talking about the key?

@jens I think he wanted to guide me to the Windows key, to get me to run something to open up my PC to attack. But I blew it a bit after this fragment by answering "no" when he asked if it was a Windows computer.


I've had similar kinds of conversation with "Windows Support" scam callers. I just forgot the details and never recorded them. But yes, following instructions and being misleading as a consequence wastes their time, it's the best defence IMHO.

Something something Windows and I was running Linux at least was similar enough 😂

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