in about 2008 i signed up my name and address for a website for some kind of promotion run by McDonalds and the Coca Cola company, and immediately i emailed their legal department asking for all my information to be removed. i got a message back saying they were working on it. anyway, today, i just got an email saying they had successfully completed the deletion of my personal information


@jk Yesterday I got a message that one of my emails was in the have I been pwned database with a service I never even knew existed. I emailed them and demanded they delete it and tell me how they got it. Happy GDPR day :)

(no, no reply yet)

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Would that happen to be the Romwe breach? If so, I got it too and still have no idea what service it is or how come I have ended up having an account there. Interested to hear if you get a reply.


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