i just don't vibe with last names why are they required

hey to all software devs out there
names should be handled as:
a free text unicode field with a generous max length and no validation.
do not require (last) names without good reason
if possible, make the purpose of the field clear when filling it in, i.e. put an example email or whatever you are actually using it for next to it.

and also, make it clear if legal names are required. make life a little easier for trans people in the process.

feel free to add to this thread.

@julialuna And make them optional please, so I don't have to make up random ones.


@easrng @julialuna There used to be an excellent blog post about database schemas that was going into this. Except I can't find it any longer.

It also went into modelling relationships between people, with some interesting conclusions.

Man, that was a good post. But I found it some 15 years or so ago, it's no surprise I can't find it now.

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