Today, EFF published "Privacy Without Monopoly: Data Protection and Interoperability," a major new paper by Bennett Cyphers and me.

It's a paper that tries to resolve the tension between demanding that tech platforms gather, retain and mine less of our data, and the demand that platforms allow alternatives (nonprofits, co-ops, tinkerers, startups) to connect with their services.


It starts from the premise that tech companies abuse our data because they *can*: because they know we're locked into their silos, because they know we have few alternatives even if we decide to abandon our social ties and move elsewhere.

Demanding better data protection from tech companies works well, but fails badly. It's great when companies respond to public pressure or legal changes by protecting our data, but if they don't, and there isn't any alternative, well...



@pluralistic IMHO you need a different tech base than the web. Web tech favours and promotes centralisation, which is at the root of why these companies have so much data to begin with.

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