Is it just me or did just as Morbid Angel went through a weird phase, Nile stepped up for those swampy DM sounds? Did Egypt conquer Sumeria?

Is this related to the Egyptian-Sumerian Invasion? 🤪

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@jens Personally, I always preferred Nile to Morbid Angel except for these two album with Steve Tucker on vocals. Never liked David Vincent, for a bunch of reasons... 🙂

@z428 Eeeh... yes, plenty of reasons not to like the guy. I did like the sound, though.

@jens Yes... but even for the sound, I prefer "Gateways to annihilation". Can't really relate much to the rest of their works, not sure why. 🙂

@z428 I wouldn't fight you if you said Gateways was their best album 🤷‍♂️

Personally, I'm mostly unhappy about Illud... I just can't connect with that one at all.

@jens Yeah, Illud was ... weird. Best thing to be possibly said about it is that it was a stunningly courageous album. 😀

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