I like Sriracha sauce, but two drops are enough for a shot of espresso. One is a bit weak.

@zdl hah! I mean, as spiciness goes, it's so-so.

The point is to give some warmth to the coffee without ruining the espresso flavour. Two drops seems to be the right amount for me.

@jens Oh, I see.

To me as spiciness goes es ist mir einfach fade.

I've attached a picture of the upper end of "medium spicy" for me… ;)

@zdl Looks tasty :)

I am not hunting spiciness for its own sake or anything like that. But I do like spicy food in principle.

What I don't particularly like is foods with chili extract added. It's just spicy without adding the flavour from pepper based dishes. But a nice, hot dish is something I can appreciate, yes.

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