Sitting in the final event of AutoAkzept:

The TL;DR of the project is, automatic driving may be more acceptable to the passengers if the car adjusts its driving style to the passenger's perceived comfort level.

Makes sense, right? I get nervous when the car overtakes, so the car decides to overtake less.

Of course that means not only measuring the comfort level of the passenger, but also creating profiles for different passengers - because different passengers have different preferences.

Which in turn makes for incredibly rich hunting grounds for surveillance capitalists.

I floated the question in how far this is *lowering* the acceptance of autonomous driving, but no reply yet.


Addressed at the moment, which is admittedly a lot better than I was worrying.

People questions tended to state that it's less acceptable to collect personal information, while anonymous user states - i.e. your emotional state during a maneuver - is more acceptable.

Contrast this to the above, it implies that a fair amount of data anonymization has to happen to increase user acceptance.

Sometimes I'm glad these things happen in Germany and/or EU with GDPR.

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