Both and the Software Foundation have issued statements regarding ' return to the . Within a few days.

But neither has yet bothered to respond to a member and employee shutting down a discussion on project direction with a racist remark. Within almost two weeks now?

This is what hypocrisy looks like.

The issue itself is mild. The implications for the issue to people facing abuse more regularly is dire. The handling is abysmal.

Yeah, you can boost that.

Honestly, it makes the release a statement of their own look positively professional in comparison.

@jens Hello, could you provide links to the statements made from both RedHat and Python community ?

@denissalem I did *not* receive statements from either. That's the point. They're just trying to stay silent on the matter.

The actual issue is up on GitHub. It's public, I haven't hidden it. You can search and find the link.

But I'm not going to keep linking to it, because I'm not interested in a witch hunt. The person(s) in question probably had nothing more than a bad day.

The lack of response, though, is down to the respective organisations. Feel free to ask them for a statement.

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