I have re-entered the world of blogs, by looking at my RSS reader again. I performed spring cleaning of old feeds, and would be happy to receive suggestions for blogs on: a) game design, b) networking (protocols, etc), c) cryptography.

There are probably quite a few other suggestions I'd check out, so don't feel restricted to these.

Boosts appreciated!

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@jens @josias It does have a feed.

I just forgot to put the link on the page. I'll fix that.

@josias @josias hmm, my reader couldn't grab it from the site. Did you add a link tag for it?

@josias hmm, look at the source of - I think it's in the main theme. The basics is a <link rel=XML+atom href=url> (somewhat symbolic of the real thing) in the head section. I just copy pasta this, so I don't have the full thing in my head.

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