Spent far too long to get this little thing to work, but work it does now. You wouldn't want to know what held me up for so long.

@jens tell us! Don't let others take this pitfall 😅

@thomas Well, there are some issues that just need resolving, such as digging through the documentation until you realise you *have* to flash the composite firmware in order to have working Ethernet with the LSDK20.12. And when you've done that, you have to tell U-Boot what the Ethernet MAC addresses are, or you'll get problems later.

But I was stuck getting a serial connection up. The device just wouldn't be recognized by my Linux host's kernel. I tried so many things...

@jens oh you mean the Serial Adapter was not recognized?

@thomas yup.

Turns out, and this is somewhere between odd and embarrassing...

I mean, I have a lot of USB cables, yeah? Changing them made no difference.

... until I used the one included in the box.

@alex @thomas if my memory is right, I used them for data. Will have to double check though.

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