Follow License details are roughly on the same level of importance to empowering masses with self-sovereign computing as education is for solving world hunger.

That is, there is absolutely no immediate connection. But the avalanche effect it has is probably the only way to get there over time.

Simply put, copyleft forces corporations to co-operate with communities rather than dictate terms. This isn't about software. It's about changing everyone's relationship to software.

· · Web · 2 · 3 · 6 Of course, copyleft on its own will not necessarily be successful enough for this, so it's one component only.

Public money, public code should probably become public money, copyleft code, so that it will remain public forever *and* feed into this long-term effect.

I (and a few others here) like to talk about communal software to distinguish it from free/libre and open source; the point is precisely to feed the benefits into the community.

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