If I was better at remembering names, I would have connected earlier that the guy spamming the FOSDEM mailing list with his political peeves is none other than the last FSFE Fellowship winnier.

FSFE seems to have held the last election in 2017, before it was yearly. I'm not up-to-date on my FOSS drama, but I seem to recall that after the election, there was some kerfuffle about the results? Or I'm imagining that..

Sadly, this confirms my recent opinion about FSF(E). I wish it weren't so.

@jens In their partial defense, that person was elected before the whole FSF + Debian mess¹, when most of the people I know in the foss community respected him as a legitimate member.

After the mess happened I know that Debian has been considering legal action², and that usually means being strongly restricted in what one can say in public, I don't know if that's the case also for the FSFE.

I agree that there are plenty of other cases where what you say is sadly very much true, however.

¹ lwn.net/Articles/814508/
² www.debian.org/News/2021/20211…

@valhalla I really should have been better at remembering names. I'm not sure if that context you give is a partial defense, or more evidence that the guy is a troll.

@jens I meant partial defense of the FSFE and the people who voted in their last election, definitely not of that person.
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