Oh this is a hot take that just popped into my mind: by treating "religion" as something that should be kept private, we allow "religion" to be defined by people who refuse to keep it private. The "I'm going to make my religion your problem" crowd. You know the type.


@alpine_thistle You probably have a point. But I also don't see how by making religion more public you avoid those folk. Assholes will find a way to asshole, I'm sure.

@jens I don't think you can avoid them, at least not altogether. But by trying to counter them or openly resist them, you at least add another dimension to the discourse instead of letting them have everything.

@alpine_thistle Yeah... probably. I have Thoughts on that, and posted some a few days ago. I made it about veganism (mostly), but the trigger was something else entirely.

TL;DR, it's difficult to wrest a label away from assholes. But of course being quiet won't help.

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