ActivityPub is not the only Fediverse protocol in town. Zot also allows decentralized social media.—and it has a game-changing feature: nomadic identity. 🏈

This is my experience using it 🧵

1. Nomadic identity is my holy grail of decentralized social media. In a previous life, I worked on one attempt. Many have tried and failed.

So the fact Zot is not a proof of concept, and can actually be used by anyone is huge.

@atomicpoet Nomadic identity is sort of unnecessary if you distribute instead of decentralize. 🤔

@jens A distributed Internet is the natural end product of decentralization if done successfully.


@atomicpoet Longer than I have time for right now, but not necessarily. The Baran paper on distribution vs decentralization makes the point better than me, in the 60s.

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