Just now I realized that I left high school 25 years ago. Pretty much around this time of year, I tanked my finals exam.

This also means that just over 25 years ago, I had a very short relationship end under rather horrifying circumstances, which I didn't understand sufficiently at the time.

It took me about 10-15 years to process and realize the truth, at which point I reached out and apologized for my behaviour. Expectedly, I was told it wasn't my fault - it wasn't, but I had carried the...

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... confusion first, and later the guilt of somehow not being good enough for about that long.

I no longer feel guilty, but still sad that she didn't get the better me that she deserved.

Nothing much to do about it, but it's a good time to remember and wish her well.

(Yes, vagueposting this, suck it up.)

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