Please reply without looking it up - Dublin Core refers to:

(Boost appreciated for sample size.)

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Of course they're properties for describing resources, but I love how many votes the music option got.

@jens new music genre where gabber/hardstyle is intertwined with irish folk

@ruffni YT has some videos of Irish dancing to gabber, I think that's already been done, basically.

@jens I know the right answer but am not voting for it because I want the first one to be true!

I know it's a basic schema for library-cataloging object metadata. Some of the fields are frustratingly vague and hard to map.

Confusion between 'creator' and. 'source'. And there's a field for 'copyright', but not 'license', IIRC.

And Inkscape supports embedding DC in your SVG documents.

@TerryHancock Oh, aye, people do complain about it. Then again, it's something of a lowest common denominator, and that's pretty essential when exchanging data between highly different systems.

@jens "Of course." Yes. It's not a completely meaningless, communication-free name whatsoever.

<_< >_>

@zdl Well, interestingly enough, the set of Core properties was decided upon in Dublin, Ohio.

See what I did there?

@jens A name that makes sense only after you know the history of it is a bad name.

I also hate names in the maths for the same reason: naming things after their discoverer communicates nothing about what it is, which is doubly bad when the same discoverer discovers multiple, disparate things and gets their name attached.

@zdl I will now refer to this as the Dianli Principle (of bad naming).

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