Hey, I'm looking for someone to take over one of my jobs, so I can concentrate better on @interpeer.

You should...

- be EU based, NL-based a preference.
- know C/C++/Python
- know basics of network programming: sockets, endianness, datagram vs. stream, etc.
- know Linux networking/routing a bit.

The software runs on small ARM boards (ca. Raspberry Pi 1 power). You'll build and flash images, etc. You'll attach extension boards, and interface the software to firmware.

DM me/boosts appreciated.

Since people were asking. This is for a small, Dutch R&D firm working on value added wireless communications.

One R&D topic is reliability and security in such communications, for example for drone communications, where cost as well as size, weight and power need to be balanced. Another is adding secure updates for IoT devices.

Some of it is greenfield development, other stuff is more integration work.

They're also involved with

@jens @interpeer this sounds really intriguing but I’m not sure if I have enough C/C++/Python knowledge

@jens @interpeer Would be interesting to know the domain I think.
I am neither looking for a different job nor be a great candidate though.

@jens @interpeer is EU residence necessary?
I'm a professional C programmer (20+ years of professional system programming) and dealt in depth with network, sockets, etc. I worked with embedded too, and can get into Linux kernel, if needed (wrote network drivers before). but I reside in Russia and look for some part time work or freelance in exchange of pay for my server (hosted in EU, and I'm deprived of being able to pay for it normally at the moment). I can do C programming for 50 EURO per month (or more). the pay I expect to be transferred to Hetzner hosting for my server (it's a common SWIFT transfer to account in Germany). I can work for interesting opern source projects for free but at the moment I try to solve the problem with hosting first of all.

@jens @interpeer I’d love to be .nl based. Unfortunately I’m in California but have those sorts of skills and a lot more (tbh, ARM feels very 1980s to me, I’m exploring RISC-V a lot more in recent years).

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