Migrating/deleting projects as part of is interesting; it reveals what I thought was going to be relevant to me five years ago when I moved off GitHub.

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@jens Seriously considering it as well, made already a list of projects to transfer... I am thinking about moving to @codeberg or #SourceHut instead. The people behind both are not a giant corporation seeking profit.

@dylanvanassche Exactly. It's becoming clearer these days that we shouldn't trust businesses with FOSS code.

@jens I also consider it of #selfhosting it, but I cannot deal with the traffic and maintenance. Furthermore, CI/CD and Pages are services I make heavy use of. Selfhosting would mean hosting these services as well which is just too much for myself.

@dylanvanassche I have a bunch of repos on my NAS now, where I don't need CI or any kind of user interface. That includes an archive of code that I wrote that dates back... uh... well the initial import is from SVN to monotone, and then from there to git.

But the rest I'm moving to codeberg.

@jens @dylanvanassche Sharing is caring. So I moved my stuff from GitHub to codeberg, and am looking forward to the federation support in Gitea (which codeberg uses) to have fly-by patches etc without too much friction. We're getting there.

@dylanvanassche @jens @codeberg .hg ugh. sigh. remind muis to compile like a FAQ of why you should not throw support behind ddv projects.

anyway, Codeberg good

@moonbolt @jens @codeberg I don't get your point. Sourcehut has hg and git support. Codeberg is also nice. I haven't decided yet

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