Saw a dude today with a leg tattoo that was a portrait of Mussolini next to a portrait of Hitler.

I hope the guy doesn't breed.

@luci I have no idea. Would have taken a picture, but it's difficult to keep an eye on kids and do so surreptitiously.

@jens yeah i would not mess around with a person like that unless you were 100% ready to protect the people around and yourself

@luci @jens It's not like there's a lack of rights wing weirdos who do tattoos

@luci @tfb the saddest part, from the artistic point of view, is that it was quite well done.

Is there any chance it was accompanied by the text "never again"?

@jens This fellow with Hunter S. Thompson on his leg provides an entirely different vibe (shitty picture as I was trying not to be obvious...nor close).

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