Seems as if MeWe has announced they'll become part of the web3 disaster. Well, this has been my main social media thing for a while now, I guess it'll be my only one soon. I guess that's goodbye to most of my RPG contacts holding over from G+. But I really can't have this.

Oh man, just reading feels like being brainwashed. What the hell, people.

@jens Some of the philosophy community was there for a while. It seemed like a cool platform that never knew what it wanted to be other than popular...

@pence Yeah, I know. But that left space for nice niches to develop (and also ugly ones, but I managed to avoid those).

But this... uh, nope.

@jens I reacted to this in the same way I first reacted to cryptocurrency: how naive do they think we are? How naive are they? Just who is this "disinterested party?" I want details, not vague philosophy.

@FiXato I went there after G+, because a large majority of my contacts did. But it all declined.

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