Snap store bugging me to close and restart software reminds me of Windows bugging me to restart. We've really come a long way in FOSS if we're now emulating the behaviours we used to make fun of.

Is there a stable distro out there without snap and systemd?

Really, every one of these things pushes me closer to BSD.

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@jens Isn't Ubuntu the only stable distro that relies on Snap? 😅

@jens artix
it's arch but without systemd, if you care about that

@chjara Do I have to tell everyone "btw, I use artix"?

Thanks! I didn't know about it!

@jens I assume they got tired of people wondering "why isn't my program updating?!?!?!" so they just tell you to restart the program.
and most linux packages regardless of packaging format require a restart to update
I'm not sure BSD is any better
@jens It's not a fun thing, but a program can't update until it's unloaded and reloaded into ram aka restarting the program
inherint computer problem

@Jessica Yes, most require a restart to run the updated binary. But there is no need to run the updated binary if the old one still works fine, and therefore no need to nag.

@jens you think something is foolproof, then they invent a bigger fool

@Jessica Yeah, but that doesn't mean I like being treated like a fool... if I am being a fool, I can do that entirely on my own, thank you very much ;)

@jens also have to think that gnome is the worst for nagging, consider using software that doesn't insult your intelligence if you don't want your intelligence insulted :p
@jens I assume you're using gnome anyways, that's what I would guess.

@Jessica I'd rather use dpkg/apt, but that'd require the software to be available that way.

@jens I have my own issues with apt
I will admit having the security of all my apps being sandboxed and not worrying about my system keeling over for some stupid reason is nice.

@Jessica The sandboxing is nice, but not much of a concern in this instance.

@jens Flatpak in Fedora is the best experience I've had with any "app store" on any platform. No nagging and it auto-updates flatpak apps when available (but this can easily be disabled). Installing an app usually takes a few seconds and is instantly usable.

I really like Arch linux for its infinite flexibility, bur Fedora is where its at if you need a linux system that Just Works®, is stable and can be upgraded easily for years and years.

@rsolva I used RH-based systems for a long time, before switching over to Debian based, and every time I take a look back, I don't like it. There's no particular reason, it just feels clunky in ways I can't easily formulate.

Just not for me.

@jameschip It's unnecessary, and eating everything. Clearly that's the TL;DR that's so condensed it's almost false, but it's not really wrong, either.

@jens by eating everything you mean it is being used to do things out of the scope it was intended for and it’s becoming a bit too much, yes?

@jameschip that, and that has turned some projects into being dependent on systemd rather than integrating with it more loosely. Systemd is effectively the antithesis to the UNIX philosophy.

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