The seal on our bread machine broke that keeps the baking pan from leaking its contents into the machine.

The problem is, it's not really meant to be replaced. That also means it's impossible to procure a new seal. However, one can buy a replacement pan, and since our old want has some wear, that's kind of alright.

Unfortunately, the new pan's locking mechanism isn't compatible with the old one's. It uses rectangular rather than angled protrusions.

A few minutes with a Dremel, and it fits.

For on Oct. 21st, the Global Encryption Coalition has put together some explainer videos on encryption. As the Project is part of the coalition, I've uploaded them for you for easier sharing.

They're high-level things that many fedi users will already understand - but your friends and family might not. I hope these are useful in explaining the issue!

and boosts definitely appreciated!

The things I'm forced to do when I have a sick kid at home... I'm suffering.

I mean, technically I'm in the countryside between Amsterdam Schiphol and Leiden now, due to train works. But close enough.

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This year, our apple tree was not as much attacked by wasps as last year, but it was a rainy summer. Since we now have a few warm days, and it's looking to get worse again, I decided to harvest the apples.

They'll be made into jelly, so a little unripe doesn't matter. Here's the box of good apples I managed to reach, and the best of the crop in close up. It's kernels were just turning brown.

Another week and it would have been perfect, I think. It was lacking a tiny bit if sweetness only.

One of the fun facts about ivermectin is that it's pretty harmless *until* it crosses the blood-brain barrier, at which point it's highly neurotoxic.

The good news is that it doesn't do that easily. The bad news is, it does so when enough is taken.

So anyone taking enough ivermectin for a horse, well, that's probably a bad idea (would have to run the numbers, tbh).

Zittrain was really on to something. This, in a nutshell, is what bothers me about the web. Just about all web-based interactions these days are essentially hierarchical, because they traverse a third party's platform, and are subject to that party's whims.

The exception is self-hosting, which is limited to people who have that ability, to self-host.

It seems we're not building technology to address this *at all*, with very few notable exceptions.

The picture really doesn't do the actual thing any credit. For weeks now, the lavender is buzzing with bees whenever the weather allows. I'm really happy with it!

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