By the way, the Zentrum for Politische Schoenheit is the only terrorist organisation that is solely recognized as such by Björn Höcke - that should be reason enough to join up as an accomplice, no?

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I do not regret donating to one of their previous campaigns. Free postcards and stickers. It's a bit hard to see, but the large postcard shows a hidden weapons cache. :antifa:

P.S.: Björn Höcke ist immer noch ein Faschist.

COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 

Well, that's a relief. A contact of a contact is positive, I did the test before my direct contact got back their (negative) results.


So my present from my son, apparently, is these pretty screws.

injury, no blood 

Well. 25 years ago I did much the same thing. Now they don't know what is the new injury and what is the old. More scans required, and possibly screws.


So some of the apples from our tree got this treatment today.

I skipped the step where I was boiling the apple juice, because my daughter was simultaneously very bored and wanted to look exactly what I was doing. As probably any parent can tell you, that's a trying combination.

The jelly is still hot, but looks to be setting. We'll see how good it ends up being. And the cooked apples were a good treat for afterwards (some are also in jars, as you can see).


The apple tree in the garden was emptied yesterday. Wasps had been trying to get at the apples all the time, ruining them. So now we have a ton of ever so slightly unripe apples. Which means apple pie season is upon us!

They stay ever so slightly crunchy, but have an unusually strong apple flavour. I like!


One of the cutest thing about crew republic's "easy" take on a Munich Helles is the reinterpretation of the monk in Munich's crest.

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