@simoxsimo made ciorbă de salată. First time trying this.

This is lettuce in milk, with omelette chunks, basically.

I guess this happens on the AdWeb when your tracking protection works relatively well, but advertisers still want to place a "relevant" ad.

"Save now - secure shell" at amazon... yeah... no. I mean, I was googling some SSH option, but... no.

I've been reminded that I haven't posted in a while. Sadly, the sunflowers have all been eaten by snails. Meanwhile, the cucumbers all died except for one.

Basil, chives and parsley are thriving, as are the lettuces. Radishes have long been eaten.

But the tomatoes promise to be the winners.

Guess what? I'm sitting in the car to escape the rain, and wanted to show off my (relatively) new t-shirt. Be the rust upon their gears.

So far, that brings my domain block list to 11. Considering that this is a single user instance, I suppose there'd be some increases if there were more users here.

But I think that's an interesting statistic to share. Because fundamentally, the size of a block list is related to the communities one participates in.

As I wrote elsewhere, I'm fairly liberal in following and in unfollowing people, and block rarely. The thing is, it seems I don't need to block that much.

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I mean, I could improve my diet. Who couldn't? But this feels a little like stalking...

I don't recall where I encountered this phrase, but I think it should be my motto.

My t-shirt arrived from @thegibson . Be the rust^Wtractors upon their gears^Wtanks, indeed.

Elon Musk launched a hostile tender offer for Twitter? Uhh... The entire reason the report he filed with the SEC very late is required to be filed timely is to prevent "creeping tender offers" where shares are acquired without a premium foe control. So Musk clearly broke the law by being late. Further, he filed a schedule 13G instead of a schedule 13D, which is only available if he is a passive investor not seeking control. He broke that law also. In other words, he...

Scott McCloud, the comic artist that was contracted to "document" the launch of Google Chrome back in the day has an updated comic, expressing how Chrome is ... well read it for yourself.

There is also a PDF (English):

I should have added these details in the OP, but didn't give it the time it needed.

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When life is hard, say it with a cookie? We need to try out our purchase sometime soon...

I haven't posted plant updates in a while. They're all doing well! There are a few fewer tomatoes out then I had hoped. On the other hand, some sunflowers are only now emerging, a week or so after their friends. There is hope still!

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*makes Tetris music*

My family would not survive without the skills I acquired in the 90s.

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