Well, I got through some of it. But now it's late (early?), so I'll have to wait until tomorrow.

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Nice box. Now I can try to link up to my arm and see if Bill Gates provided the right kind of hardware.

Made this yesterday. I thought I'd seen it before, but couldn't find it then. Anyway, enjoy.

Playing patchwork with my 5 year old daughter, and she's beating me. I don't know if I am proud or sad. It's a game for 8+, she shouldn't be able to do this 😱

Current status: had a bit of a problem with language packs. The locale is b0rked in some places, aber ansonsten ist alles prima.


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'97 is when I finished school, and I think I found this mug a year later, in some bargain bin in London.

'77 is when I was born. It felt like a fitting thing to have.

When I picked it up today, I realised it's been longer since I found it than the time span this anniversary mug is commemorating.

And suddenly I felt a teensy bit old.


Not for the first time I notice that making risotto is very doom scrolling compatible. And in fact close to the perfect counter balance.

Spent far too long to get this little thing to work, but work it does now. You wouldn't want to know what held me up for so long.

The gatekeeping influence of digital store fronts is massive, and systematically skewed towards amplifying the most popular items.

Goodreads' Best books of 2021 is a great example of this at work, and not just because @rickwayne is a friend who IMHO deserves more attention on his work.

The top two spots are held by books with over 100k ratings each, and Rick's is at #3 with 18 ratings.



This is about as unpunk as I can think of. But oddly fitting the genre tropes.

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