This is about as unpunk as I can think of. But oddly fitting the genre tropes.

I'm not in the habit of sharing screen caps of other people's rants. I have enough of my own, too many even. And I also understand that one person's interpretation of something doesn't mean that a whole subculture shares it. Still, this rant is pretty epic.

I had to shorten the image description a bit, largely Star Trek mention, but it doesn't alter the message.

I am once again asking you to buy @rickwayne's books.

(I don't get anything out of that, no.)

Introduced the bigger munchkin and my better half to HeroQuest today. I would call it a success!

The little one played the barbarian and plowed through 5 or 6 orcs in the trial. My wife played a wizard, who due to the hectic in reminding myself of the rules and explaining them in two languages only got the fire spell set. Well, next quest we'll fix it. She still managed to defeat two orcs, though.

Have to turn them into full nerds while they still think it's cool. 😂

On today's I would like to remind everyone that decentralized is better than centralized for , but distributed is better still.

Of course, Baran was concerned with redundancy, i.e. with when network nodes are incapacitated.

But distributed networks, especially when coupled with at-rest encryption, also mean that data does not accumulate at centralized locations. It becomes less available for mass surveillance.

This is why a human centric internet must be distributed.

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