I need to learn to forgive myself, especially when it's largely outside my control.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a two week vacation. That's the first in over a year; the two years before that were also lacking a bit in off time.

At the end of the week after, my son brought home a stomach flu and we had a shitty weekend.

The next week I had my second vaccine.

This week, my son has a cough and is home.

Why is it that all I can think of is how little progress I've made on ?

Ok. So today I was having a chat about my project and suddenly felt that floor fall away from under my feet. It wasn't, though, that was just my feeling. A bit overwhelmed, slightly scared, and very happy.

It's just tentative at this point though, so I'm going to vaguepost this and leave you guys hanging until, well, I guess September?

If this works out, though... man that'd be nice!

Just had a nice conversation with developer t3sserakt about possible synergies with - since we're going to be @NGIZero buddies, by the looks of it.

We pursue fairly similar high level goals by fairly diverging ways. GNUnet has a greater focus on being a framework for coordinating all kinds of different tech, so most likely we could plug some of interpeer's layers into GNUnet. I just need to make progress.

In the meantime, we want to understand each other's...

But since the paper will be published in some way or another, it's (going to be) public knowledge, so I'll apply the same principles in the protocol stack.

Sure, those nodes may not end up flying... that's not the point, though. The same protocol approach also solves the real problem we e.g. have with video streams at the moment. Leave your home WiFi while chatting with your friends and step into LTE land, and it's up to the chat software to deal with that. Which some don't.

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... sort of project writes something about it, at least occasionally, and people often times follow people because of these updates!

TL;DR, I need someone to do "PR" for me and leave me to randomly comment on people's threads or post metal videos or something.


But yeah, I do still work on the project. It just comes and goes in waves a little. Right now, my focus is a little elsewhere, but I expect to get back to things shortly.

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Someone must have been sharing something about the project... out of the blue, a coworker from over ten years ago reached out and asked if he could help.

I'm sure we'll figure something out...

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