The only way a next generation web will avoid repeating mistakes of the current web is if it is not entangled in a philosophy that treats human relationships as transactional.

That means it cannot be built around a digital currency *as a core concept*.

Otherwise you reduce this web to a mere marketplace. Which is fine, but then don't confuse it with the web. The web was built to exchange ideas, not for trade.

T-0 for NGO. Signing is scheduled for 2pm. An hour from now. Should I start a minute countdown?

Ok, ok, ok. FINALLY the date is set for signing the founding documents for the non-profit. June 1st.

Feelings of legitimacy overwhelm me, please send help.

Since I started migrating projects to @codeberg, I had to get used to using @WoodpeckerCI instead of gitlab's.

Works like a charm, once you get used to it being a little more bare bones. But as a matter of fact, it actually works *better* that way.

Anyhow, I was maintaining some docker images for the CI, and they worked just fine, but their naming was tied to gitlab, and the source was hosted on github (yeah...).

This is now moved to codeberg, though, under

So GitLab has updated their terms for hosting FOSS projects, which means I have to submit proofs to them that is all non-profit stuff. Fine, in principle. BUT! tthe process seems to have gotten more complex and error prone.

I'm confused, and am thinking of moving off there to @codeberg a little sooner. But that means losing CI unless I set up @WoodpeckerCI .

I've got a ton on my plate without added ops work. Is there anyone who can assist or knows a FOSS friendly hoster?


Hi there,

my name is Jens; nice to meet you!

I figured it was time for a new .

A few years back I started the project to provide a next generation internet that better incorporates human rights protections. No, I don't expect to be done anytime soon :) I'm likely to barge into discussions adjacent to this topic.

I live in the countryside with my family and my tortoise, and like watching things grow.

I also started the tag. Maybe that's for you?

In just under 3 hours, I'm going to talk at :

The talk is planned as a slight update, but also much of a repeat of my FOSDEM talk a couple of months ago. We've made good progress since then.

See you then?

Since @protonmail is offering a friend referral program at the moment, I will shamelessly promote an invitation link here. You'll get a 30 day trial when you join.

I use ProtonMail also for the project, so signing up for a paid plan afterwards is akin to putting a tiny amount of money towards the project.

Win-win, amirite?

So far, I have been to the CAN BoF session, and it's been very interesting. I'll have to sort out my impressions before I can write something, but it sure gave me lots to think about - relating both to my work with AnyWi and .

Next up is an int-area session on addressing, which also relates.

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Even though I use that VM rarely, it's useful occasionally.

That doesn't replace a better build host than appveyor gives me, though. Nothing against appveyor as such, but I'd much rather have a CI runner attach directly to the CI than via another service indrection.

Also, none of that gives me a current Apple-based build host.

Those are hardware *and* setup costs I have to put into at some point. Not right now, though.

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Thorny programming problem resolved, on to the "last" one of the current milestone. This one is easy enough.

TL;DR is, you can have stream and datagram like channels over a single connection, without them interfering with each other (other than both consuming bandwidth, but that's a topic for the future).

I should write more status updates on ongoing dev work. I keep thinking this, but never do.

I felt compelled to write a thing. This is on the blog because it relates, but it is a personal opinion - not an official position the project takes. I think we're far from such official positions at this point.

So, it seems that the NGO has been pre-approved, and I can start going to a notary. Yay!

Not having much time to code today, due to my 2yo's enforced stay at home, I nevertheless managed to make a quick call that seems to open doors for some future R&D cooperation between the yet-to-be-finalized NGO and another European research center slash college. Not naming names until ink has dried, sorry, but it's neither small nor young.

That makes up for the frustration of not coding!

I have to say, though, that hacking away at the channeler project in is a joy. Which is a bit of a surprise, because, well...

... see, I know I'm not very good at remembering things. I'm particularly bad at remembering complex interactions between various bits in code, which is why I have a tendency to componentize code quite thoroughly.

You might say that's a good idea? Well, yes and no. It also means I'm prone to factoring out bits that are irrelevant to the main focus of...

Hell yeah, !

I started out learning more about software from reading FOSS code than books or my college managed to teach. Like, way more.

Some two decades later, I've had enough of commercial software. I can't quite claim that that's the reason I'm pursuing my project, but it's a contributing factor.

And it's definitely the reason for choosing a free software license. Public money = public code, but also perhaps I can return the favour.

After some open heart surgery of sorts, looks like I only have minor issues closing up the software component I'm working on for - that's a relief!

The patient needs to undergo some more rigorous testing, but that is fairly routine.

I really got stuck on this bit, and just hope I didn't screw anything up too much.

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