Contemplating how to take my to consistent public funding.

It's possible, but wants an NGO-equivalent. Which could be a gUG, but preferrably a gGmbH here in Germany. Which takes somewhere from 3k upwards to set up, and a couple k to run the first year.

Splitting my time between part-time research work and interpeer, that's actually a tough proposition right now.

There are contribution options towards that on - boosts appreciated.

There's a...

I just finished another milestone for @NGIZero for .

I wouldn't write about this normally. But the last milestone I finished under that agreement was almost a year ago.

This frustrates me to no end. Of course, I calculated the time I'd need per milestone pretty tightly. I needed about seven weeks instead of the four-ish I figured.

When I submitted the proposal, I was ready to work at this full time, 40h/week, give or take. That was just before COVID-19.

While I was putting together slides for yesterday's @fossasia talk, I wrote a blog post. It's basically one section of the talk in greater detail:

So, the conference was streamed on YouTube, so you can hear my scratchy voice from here:

It should start when my part is about to commence. Great round of feedback, I think!

My talk is today at 1pm CET.

I still have a bit of a sore throat, so I will be valiantly croaking through those 40 minutes. Bear with me.

If you saw the FOSDEM talk, the gist of it is the same. I just tried to apply some of the lessons learned from that talk, and hopefully will manage to bring across some points better.

It seems surprisingly hard to get exact numbers of visitors at - supposedly some 33.6k cumulative visitors. Peak video viewers around 11.5k concurrent.

I count 34 tracks, so an average of about 338 viewers concurrent per stream.

*clears throat*

Back in 2008, we streamed March Madness to about 1k concurrent viewers over an alpha P2P network. Live, not prerecorded.

Can someone just please throw money at so in 2 years we can do FOSDEM like that?


Ok, quick question before I go: does anyone have a peertube instance where I can host like 2-10 (or vaguely related) videos? I'm not 100% convinced yet on running my own instance *right now* - eventually, yeah, probably.

The main contender so far is tomorrow's video - I know it'll be up at their site, but it'd be nice to have something a little more embeddable.

Appropriate at-rest encryption - that is, end-to-end encryption - then ensures that breaching a smaller node does not automatically result in a leak of all data stored there. Only the subset of data for which there exist also compromised keys can be retrieved.

Add appropriate obfuscation techniques, such as avoiding leaks of metadata or mixing junk data in with the real, and the payoff shrinks even further.

This, roughly speaking, is the point of view from which my operates.

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