It's no longer , but I realize I haven't caught up on stoner dad's, I mean Red Fang's videos for a while.

I last saw these guys quite some time ago, on a tiny stage barely fitting the band. The hundred or so people in the audience were crowded into a small space, so close you could pick nose hair off the band if you were so inclined.

I'd call that an intimate setting, but I'm not sure that the aggression in this voice and "intimate" fit comfortably together in my head.

Still, excellent gig!

I'm also reminded for some reason of this song, who may also associated with a former colleague we nicknamed Toxic Tom.

Here's some BM I enjoy. It's not my genre, typically, but Limbonic Art were showing that it could be done with more than downtuned guitars, distortion and hall effects when most BM bands (not all) were busy playing troll in the woods.

I'd recommend their early albums definitely.

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