Theme for the day. Trying to get a conf call set up, and have switched systems a few times because every system produced audio issues for one or more of the participants.

It also happens to fit

Now even though Crowbar is referred to as sludge metal, I always felt their early works had a similarly mechanic feel as industrial. I can see how sludge evolved in a very different direction, and this track shows both sides pretty well: both the slow, sludgy parts as well as the repetitive, clangy rhythms.

The other thing I associate Fear Factory with is my tentative flirt with industrial.

But I've always preferred Pitchshifter.

I also got into some kind of argument with another friend some years later whether "industrial" refers to the metal subgenre, or the techno subgenre. You know, that's not an argument I want to have, but it was always the former for me. YMMV.

Gene has said in interviews that the only band he does not actually remember playing in is Fear Factory.

Fear Factory isn't exactly my kind of jam, but I have a somewhat soft spot for them because a friend of mine got me into metal back in school via them and a bunch of other bands. So I associate the band very much with the last few years of school.

Continuing with Gene Hoglan and Dark Angel, "Darkness Descends" is inspired by the Judge Dredd comics, just as is Anthrax' "I am the Law".

And then, of course, a bit more loosely connected to the Death musicians is... Metallica. Specifically, this song is related to the last one. Sort of.

Except, of course, Lars will never be half the drummer that Gene is 😂

Gene Hoglan, now... that guy has a career. Amongst others, he played in Strapping Young Lad, an Opeth song, Dethklok, and Testament.

But I guess he's best known for Dark Angel.

Sean Reinert from Death, amongst other things, was part of Gordian Knot. That band - in particular this song - must feature the only guitar line I ever wrote.

No, I wish. We didn't work on this together. They don't even know me.

I just came up with that intro line independently - at least the first part that repeats throughout the song. And that's about the extent of my musical genius 😂

Going back to Death, it's always hard to pick a favourite track or even album. But I guess this one shows fairly well how Obscura is clearly inspired by them.

Of course in that last video, vocal effect-wise, Obscura were channeling a bit of Cynic. Which isn't very surprising, really.

The wife and I saw Obscura opening for the Death tour a couple of years back. And of course most of the members of the Death To All tour, a sort-of reunion (without Chuck, of course) were also in Cynic. Obscura themselves covered Death on one of their first album releases.

And the last one named is usually Death Angel. They're also still around. This one is an unexpected cover song, but all the better for it.

Next up in the group would be Exodus. They've been around a bit longer still, going all the way back to the very end of the 70s. The new album should be out this year, here's a track from the last one.

As for another one of the lesser-known big four, also Testament has an outstanding track record.

They're also the first band I saw with my wife, so they hold a fairly special place for us.

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