I am not at all a Deftones fan (YMMV), but since it's and I just dropped off my kid for her second day at school, I suppose this is a fitting start.


Hmm, ok, one more.

Listening to that last Lorna Shore track, I am reminded that, in my memory at least, Emperor's Prometheus was the first real venture into Progressive Black Metal, if you want to call it that. I'm really happy to hear more of that kind of mixture these last few years.


Ok, for $reasons here's another two songs for before I stop for the day.

To quote Elizabeth Zharoff, "We need more cameras down people's throats"


If you're wondering what Anacrusis is up to nowadays, well, nothing - but Kenn Nardi has released a double album, and is about to release another. Here's a song from the newer one:


Seen this at The Roundhouse in London in 2012. Unfortunately there are no good videos of that. Met a couple of random Italian metalheads and oh, my neck still hurts at the memory.

Little did I know that a few months later I'd start my journey towards learning Italian (by listening, for the most part).


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