I keep missing when it's actually, you know, the day.

But just to let you know, my kids (6yo/3.5yo) have recently begun requesting this on *every* car journey.

I'm trying to diversify their taste, but there's resistance. They do like some Queen, and I've recently convinced them of SoaD for a short while. Still, it's a struggle. They latch on to *one song* and want it on repeat.


I'm also to this day convinced that the sound of the banging helicopters inspired the riff in this one.

This is the SFW version, though. If porny moaning is not an issue, you can find that version also quite easily.


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So not metal, but at least originally German, and I have no idea why I'm reminded of this now. But it's very NSFW. If you're a machine. I think. Cyborgs on the beware.


If I make you listen to German metal, then this is a newish release I can't avoid.


Mille is also a pretty approachable guy to hang out with. Or was. Man, that was the 90s. I have no idea about today. I'm getting old.

Well, since it's and I was just talking about German games in a separate thread, I am compelled by cosmic law to post this.


I was once semi-dragged into a conversation on RPGs with Hansi by a school friend. That was just around the time this song was released.

TL;DR the band were avid players. Who would have guessed?

One of my favourites of his is his solo album from the 90s, Moontower. It contains a line that weirdly resonates with me, both when I first heard it and to this day.

"Here I sit in my chamber, in my room full of words, always searching for patterns..."


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