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This , can we talk about how Overkill just puts out solid album after solid album for, depending on how you count, up to about 4 decades now?

Is it just me or did just as Morbid Angel went through a weird phase, Nile stepped up for those swampy DM sounds? Did Egypt conquer Sumeria?

Is this related to the Egyptian-Sumerian Invasion? 🤪

I'm not sure what the fediquette is on tagging, so... copied from someone else, you know who you are. Happy 🤘

One of my best concerts was Anathema (Judgment tour). I had a cold, the fever was just starting to set in, it was a trip.

At the time, a friend of mine was hanging out with Tristania a lot (before the split), and they were playing before or something like that. Fuzzy memory. But the Anathema gig was great :)

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