On today's I would like to remind everyone that decentralized is better than centralized for , but distributed is better still.

Of course, Baran was concerned with redundancy, i.e. with when network nodes are incapacitated.

But distributed networks, especially when coupled with at-rest encryption, also mean that data does not accumulate at centralized locations. It becomes less available for mass surveillance.

This is why a human centric internet must be distributed.

It's completely true what other people say, but I'd like to add that the EC would be sabotaging its own efforts in strengthening citizens' rights with a directive mandating backdoors.

Technologically speaking, a distributed approach such as email encryption via PGP doesn't allow for hoster-provided backdoors. The EC would have to forbid such technologies, and thereby sabotage innovation in this field.

It's a bad idea all around.



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