... of making a stupid, simple lib that wraps OpenSSL, though, is to have a neutral interface that can hide other crypto libs as needed.


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In somewhat related (old) news OpenSSL's API has cleaned up significantly with the 3.0.0 release, which is great! But most systems still ship with 1.x, it seems, so I'm using somewhat convoluted older APIs a lot.

The inconsistencies... yeah, I am not a fan, let's put it that way.

Why OpenSSL? Well, it's widely used. But mostly I've had some experience with its support for crypto engines that provide hardware backed primitives, and I'd like to at least support that a little.

The whole point...

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@EU_Commission But I suspect that's not part of the idea. But how it would make transport greener!

I spent around 3.5h this morning having calls that, while useful and nice, should really have been happening another day. In the afternoon I managed to make a bit of progress at least.

These days it's as if there are more obstacles and disruptions than work hours.

@aral @delta @Tutanota @protonmail I like the interaction format. I'm also pretty much convinced a standards cleanup would be good.

Die #EduBW-Lösung für digitalen Unterricht hat agil betriebene #Moodle-Instanzen pro Schule, mit integriertem #BigBlueButton, an vielen Schulen durch #Nextcloud flankiert. Zusammen mit #Collabora in Moodle und Nextcloud, mit #Matrix als Messenger ist das die Königslösung für Schulen. Wie in Berlin war das in etlichen Bundesländern ein totales Erfolgsmodell! Dieses Modell, vom Land betrieben und weiterentwickelt, wäre das Ideal für die #DigitalSouveräneSchule.
glm.io/148560 #FediLZ


Yes, for over 20 years.


Running an email server is viable enough. Running one that isn't going to be blacklisted immediately by major other email providers requires some cryptography and DNS knowledge, and is relatively brittle. Running one with some spam filtering and virus scanning and so forth adds to the issues.

It's not something I would recommend.

@Spreepunk Passend das Bild, sieht arg nach Kölner Dom aus, und an den Austritten wird Woelki durchaus Mitschuld tragen.

@TrechNex I don't want to host it on a server. If I'm forced to do that, I might as well run a full mail server. It's not as if that is impossible.

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