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Wie „finanzielle Interessen“ in Deutschland durchgesetzt werden:

- 1.500 Polizist*innen räumen mit Räumpanzer & Helikoptern ein linkes Wohnprojekt um Spekulanten frei gewähren zu lassen #Liebig34


- 20 (!) Beamte ermitteln beim Milliarden Steuerraub im Cum-Ex Skandal

Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams forcing herself to smile over the course of a minute like she's never used those muscles in her face before is probably the best child acting put to film.

I know bonding out is part of this incredibly unjust system. Not everyone has equal access to it and that's the problem.

Rest assured that if George Floyd had been facing these charges, he'd still be in some hellhole. #NoJustice

Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin released on bond as he faces trial in George Floyd’s death -

7 things every child needs to hear:

1. I love you.
2. I am proud of you.
3. I am sorry.
4. I forgive you.
5. I am listening.
6. Capitalism is a tool of the upper class designed to keep the people struggling, oppressed, and docile
7. You have what it takes.

Well, yes, the sunny day is interrupted by a deluge just as I need to go out. Of course it is.

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You are not apolitical, you are simply comfortable in the current political climate.

It's amazing that the only two socialish media I enjoy using is the kind that doesn't try to interfere with what I see. It's almost *gasp* as if I know what kind of people or content I want to interact with! Who would have thought...

OTOH I found masto pretty cool this time around, whereas a few years back I did not see the what the fuss was about.

There's a theme here, something to do with the kind of interactions I value, but a pithy description escapes me at the moment.

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After years of asking myself about their value, I finally deleted some other accounts, such as LinkedIn. What value I once saw in that never really manifested, and I'm done pretending it's just around the corner.

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This year, I think I might ungoogle and am seriously considering unamazoning. The latter will be a problem for the family, so maybe largely a freeze?

Meh. I'm low key pissed off about them, and need to rediscover alternatives first. With Google, I barely use them outside of the App store, but I think I have all the other necessary alternatives by now. The last step is an ungoogled phone experience trial.

Another unexpected socialist: Lizzie Magie, who invented the board game Monopoly.

Magie was more accurately called a Georgist, which is kind of a proto-socialist movement in the US that advocated for working people to own the full value of what they produce and hold land in common, rather than have private property.

She called Monopoly "the Landlord's Game," and it demonstrated how private property robs from the poor and enriches owners.

The Parker Brothers (like the actual brothers) screwed her out of a patent by buying it from her for $500 and printing a small run of the Landlord's Game to secure the patent. Meanwhile Charles Darrow was falsely credited as the game's creator and he became a millionaire.

The anti-monopolist messages within the game were stripped out. A round of play that showed how all players could prosper if resources were shared was eliminated, and the game became winner take all.

One of the most profound latent political statements in internet history was the decision to make "user-agent" the technical term for a web-browser - implying that the browser should work on behalf of its user - and not on behalf of the owner of the server it connects to.


#Germany is trying to rush the #UPC (Unified Patent Court) through parliament. In a rather fishy way. This should not happen IMHO. It's a dangerous plan that should be stopped and discussed in the open before deciding.

Getting a bit tired of not being able to do things with two hands. Had the cast off last night, and despite the very definitely limited movement, that felt a lot better. Patience is a big ask at the best of times, but with all I have to do, even more so. Ugh.

The Web Needs to Die: A Long Rant 

Today I said something that I never thought I'd hear.

I think the web needs to die. I wish I had listened to a friend who, 15 years ago, was ranting about the trend to re-invent the internet on port 80.

We have taken a resilient network with a diverse ecosystem of applications and shoved every damn thing into a web application. The deluge of standards and bolt ons makes the web look like the stacks from Ready Player One - unmaintainable and fragile. We have created a single (and highly corporate/commercialized) single point of failure.

Accessing the internet:80 (or 443) is so fraught that you have to be a big player to make a browser that works correctly, but doing so allows you to gatekeep the whole thing. As a bonus you could mine behavior from that client to feed into your search and advertising machine.

And now we can't do shit without it. We're guzzling the kool-aid such that we write write apps in (originally) hacked-in web programming languages using toolkits that basically turn an entire web browser into a shared library.

I wish I had good alternates or suggestions for a functional replacement, but I have to say it: The web is a dangerous joke.

-- BITTE teilen --

GMX / WEB.DE Nutzer:innen unter euch: Aufgepasst!

Aktuelle Abfragen zur Qualität von E-Mail-Providern (MECSA) zeigen auf, dass die weithin als "Tolle (Deutsche) Dienste" bekannten E-Mail-Provider GMX und WEB.DE etwas ziemlich Dummes tun:
Beide Dienste setzen im "SPF record" das Merkmal "-all", was von Branchenkennern als kritisch bis fachlich falsch ansehen wird.

Dear #BorisJohnson, #Trump, & #Bolsonaro: your inability to protect yourself from #coronavirus is a reflection of your incompetence in keeping your nation secure.

Whenever [specially the electron] people talk about "unused ram is wasted ram"

It's already the OS's job to manage system ram, not your program

Stop assuming your program is the only thing running, yes the machine has 16GB of ram, which should let it run many more programs at once, not two or three bloated program

If you are going to use resources, it has to be for something useful like actually intensive work, not just for backing your badly made framework that is idling most of the time

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