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Sticking with old men for the moment, the longer Annihilator goes on, the more I feel they should just go fully instrumental.

FOSS cold take 

Anyway, I saw this and immediately had some feelings.

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Because it's just past midnight, and core dev has me pissed off, I'm going to launch this week's very early.

Ansible... I like it, and yet...

It's sort of fallen into that trap of flawed initial design followed by layering multiple quasi-identical features rather than breaking backwards compatibility.

Until the docs don't document the actual behaviour, and the actual behaviour is brittle.

Sad, really.

Friends, my twitter account has been hijacked and is now spewing crap. I've reported it and I've done all I can to get it back but I'm still waiting...

Clearly, boost appreciated. And I don't see a cent from posting this :D

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I just finished a preview of the long-delayed second part, and it should be available in a couple of days. Pre-order now.

I would describe it as Harry Potter for adults. Not because it's full of sex and horror (though it has a bit of both), but because it's about real magic. Or as real as magic gets.

Also, well, if you're gonna pay someone for reading material, hand your hard earned rubles to a decent guy trying to make a living from it, maybe?

Und jetzt hört doch einfach mal auf den Herrn Drosten und fangt an, wirklich kreativ zu werden!

Es gibt nicht nur "Schulen offen lassen" und "Schulen schließen" als zwei Alternativen. Guckt euch doch mal an, welches Kind Homeschooling gut handeln kann und welches nicht. Dafür kennt Ihr sie doch genug, verdammt noch mal! Und fangt einfach mal an, Ideen auszuprobieren. Scheiß auf Ministerien! Die werden nichts tun, was sie später angreifbar macht! #Corona #Covid19

I mean, I can be pretty argumentative sometimes, and have been called an asshole for it - even by people I afterwards called friends precisely because they did that. I'm no saint.

But for crying out loud, don't shit where you eat. Don't hate on people who are (more ore less) on your side.

That's toxic fanaticism. Or a small dick, physical or metaphorical. Or one born of the other, and I'll leave it up to dear reader to sort out the order here.

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Today's little fun project: deploy a virtual test network from an ASCII graph of its hosts and switches.

Prototype so far, just checking that it works. I'll likely put more than the current ten lines of code into it to make it useful.

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