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And then, of course, a bit more loosely connected to the Death musicians is... Metallica. Specifically, this song is related to the last one. Sort of.

Except, of course, Lars will never be half the drummer that Gene is 😂

Gene Hoglan, now... that guy has a career. Amongst others, he played in Strapping Young Lad, an Opeth song, Dethklok, and Testament.

But I guess he's best known for Dark Angel.

Sean Reinert from Death, amongst other things, was part of Gordian Knot. That band - in particular this song - must feature the only guitar line I ever wrote.

No, I wish. We didn't work on this together. They don't even know me.

I just came up with that intro line independently - at least the first part that repeats throughout the song. And that's about the extent of my musical genius 😂

Going back to Death, it's always hard to pick a favourite track or even album. But I guess this one shows fairly well how Obscura is clearly inspired by them.

Of course in that last video, vocal effect-wise, Obscura were channeling a bit of Cynic. Which isn't very surprising, really.

The wife and I saw Obscura opening for the Death tour a couple of years back. And of course most of the members of the Death To All tour, a sort-of reunion (without Chuck, of course) were also in Cynic. Obscura themselves covered Death on one of their first album releases.

We have an immediate opening for an all-rounder interested in industrial networking and IT. Position is 50% travel within Europe, 50% remote/back-office work. Must be EU national or hold a work permit. Office location is either near Duesseldorf/D or Salzburg/A.

Must be proficient with networking, mostly Windows support, and be willing to do everything from arranging cabling to hardware work, software support, light routing configuration, and end user training.

DM me. Boosts appreciated.

So tired today. Yesterday my brain decided to have one of its ca. half-yearly days of just buzzing. At 1am, I went downstairs, having given up on sleep. I promptly fell asleep on the sofa.

Of course, 5h is just not enough for me.

Money quote: "Is this really going to revolutionize television? - We think it will."

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Making my 5yo tidy her room, after she emptied a bunch of drawers on the floor. I'm trying to look disinterested and stern, so I'm typing this here. But really, it's fascinating watching her fold her clothes while she's telling me the order they all belong in.

And then of course, she gets distracted all the time by shiny stuff she discovers. Hehehe.

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