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"Bringing you a snappier Firefox" by Bas Schouten

Interesting low-level details about input handling and rendering. I always found these parts of the browser engine to be the most mysterious to me.

politics, “post-truth”, hard truths, subtoot 

Anyone who just accepts that we live in a “post-truth era” is carrying water for fascists.

Truth was never established through getting people to all believe the same one thing, nor has there ever been a period of history where it was in fact true (or healthy) that people all believed the same one thing.

We are currently experiencing a coordinated global extremist attack on facts, verification, expertise, and trust by using media manipulation to amplify the appearance of mass consent for fascist beliefs.

Don’t long for a make-believe past where we could all get along under the one true “consensus reality” — that literally just helps normalize what these chucklefucks are doing.

Wenn man eine fremde Überschrift zu einem Bild packt, entsteht manchmal eine Bild-Text-Schere.

a Diné man wrote a poem about the space race 50 years ago

the more things change, the more they stay the same

10 Jahre Utøya. 5 Jahre München. Rechter Terror tötet!

Am Donnerstag, dem 22.7., organisieren wir eine Kundgebung gegen rechten Terror, u.a. gemeinsam mit @WirFalken Hessen und @iLfrankfurt. Kommt vorbei: 19:30 Uhr, an der Hauptwache!

I've about finished cleaning Curse of the Red Dagger, the second mystery of Feast of Shadows. On the off chance anyone would like to help me find the odd typo, I'd certainly appreciate a second pair of eyes or three, starting here:

Peter R. de Vries overleden na aanslag 

Peter R. de Vries is na de aanslag van vorige week dinsdag overleden. Dat meldt RTL Nieuws op basis van zijn familie. Hij is in het bijzijn van zijn familieleden overleden, meldt de zender. Hij was 64 jaar.



Esteemed Fediverse,

there is a policy group meeting in 9 days.
We invite anyone who is interested or not.
It is about the Digital Services Act, calls with the EU and upcoming events.
Bring your topic

#policy #EU #activitypub #fediverse #DSA

Because it wasn't apparent why this was done. None of the little bags had any theme to them. It wasn't by colour, shape or set. Furthermore, the collection also contained the same kinds of pieces but loose. It's very confusing.

But the kicker was the kragle.

This is the first time I've seen pieces glued together. And it's clear that the previous owner wanted to take them apart again, and then *broke off bits* in a way that makes the combined part essentially unusable.

What a waste!

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I happen to know that the previous owner didn't have a very happy childhood, so that makes me wonder...

It struck me even more that this mutilation appears to be fairly common. Except in my own collection, I've seen it in every other. I'm not sure what to make of that.

But today's collection had a particular mark of insanity about it.

On the one hand, it was full of little plastic bags with small pieces in them. Tidy, yes?

Well... no.

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I had one, for example, that struck me for two reasons: one was that every minifig was... well, slaughtered.

Of course you can take the head, body and legs off. It takes considerably more force to take the hands out of the arms. But it's actually pretty hard to get the arms out of the sockets, and the legs out of the hips.

In this collection, every minifig was mutilated in some way like that. Plus a fair few pieces were deliberately broken in ways that make them appear like weapons.

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... and on the other hand, the separated pieces go into mesh bags to be put in the dishwasher. That's the best cleaning method I've found so far.

Afterwards, they get sorted into drawers, which I bought for this purpose. This project has been going on for a while, and I may not finish it before next year. We'll see.

The kids are about the right age to "help", so that's a plus.

Anyhow, I found myself reflecting on how second hand Lego collections reveal something about their prior owner.

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... *through* the wall. Which I will now have to repair before I can finish this little side project. When it's not raining.


Today I figured to go for something less fraught with risk, and turned to Lego.

I have a bunch of Lego, assembled from about four+ used collections, one of them being my childhood one.

I take each collection first and disassemble everything. This has two purposes: on the one hand, I can see what's there and appreciate the odd pieces every collection contains.

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Since my son is home with a cough today, I'm not doing much work. So I try to find useful things to do that also entertain him.

Yesterday afternoon, I let him "help" me put hooks in the garage wall. The bicycle hook worked out well, and I'm very happy with it.

I also wanted to put hooks for the Bierzeltgarnitur (a foldable table + 2 benches) into the opposite wall, but wasn't paying attention to the fact that those came with longer screws.

Long story short, I drill-hammered a nice big hole...

I'm very grateful for the responses to this.

And I admit, I was kind of fishing for them - in the sense that I sometimes really need people to tell me what I already know, that the nagging voice is getting a tad inappropriate. It's not shutting up that easily, but I can ignore it.

So thank you!

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I need to learn to forgive myself, especially when it's largely outside my control.

A couple of weeks ago, I went on a two week vacation. That's the first in over a year; the two years before that were also lacking a bit in off time.

At the end of the week after, my son brought home a stomach flu and we had a shitty weekend.

The next week I had my second vaccine.

This week, my son has a cough and is home.

Why is it that all I can think of is how little progress I've made on ?

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