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We’ve been tasked by the 🇪🇺 to conduct the most comprehensive Open Source study in many years.

Today, and’s study for the is out. It’s been over a year of work.

What have we found out? Strap in for a 🧵



I had a highly interesting conversation this morning with some folks from the @fsfe about licensing schemes in @NGIZero projects.

I'm not sure yet where this will go, but I have some hopes it'll be very fruitful for the future of FOSS by providing a bit more of a communal angle to it. I know some folks here, including myself, care deeply about communal software.

But I am very much *not* a lawyer, so maybe my dreams here won't work out. We'll have to have more discussions for sure!

My 2yo son helped by taking the apples from my hand and putting them in the box. For every apple he took from me, he said "thank you". It was very sweet.

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This year, our apple tree was not as much attacked by wasps as last year, but it was a rainy summer. Since we now have a few warm days, and it's looking to get worse again, I decided to harvest the apples.

They'll be made into jelly, so a little unripe doesn't matter. Here's the box of good apples I managed to reach, and the best of the crop in close up. It's kernels were just turning brown.

Another week and it would have been perfect, I think. It was lacking a tiny bit if sweetness only.

'Tis the kind of day where it's warm enough for shorts, but cold enough that I'm wearing my monster foot slippers.

(No pictures, the Intarwebs does not deserve that.)

If we know someone will take them then we are willing to hold them for a time to make arrangements. We're based in the NW of England, north of Chester. We're willing to be flexible as to how the handover happens.

If you are willing, please boost for reach.

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Next Tuesday 7 at 10 CEST we have organized a webinar on community building for #opensource projects. Our project mentor @how will join Johanna-Mai Riismaa of Zelos to share experiences and talk about community engagement. Don't worry if you are not funded by us: the webinar is freely accessible :) Just join the BigBlueButton-room coming Tuesday at 10 in the morning (CEST). We will share a link here soon, the page should be up shortly (check out and look for events).

I feel bad reposting things from elsewhere when the person who posted them is here, but I'd feel worse about not sharing this here:

Jetzt auch die Pressemitteilung des BfDI zur Abfrage des Impf- und Teststatus durch Arbeitgeber: / ÖA

abortion & my past 

i’m loud about abortion access because i used to be in the pro-life movement.

when you’re on the inside they don’t hide their punitive attitudes. deep down, for them, a baby is a punishment you must accept for not keeping your legs closed. that’s why they don’t care about babies after they’re born. helping would lighten someone else’s punishment.

they don’t care about life. they don't care if the lives they “save” suffer after birth. in fact they quietly want them to.

Oh, and for the thread. Sorry to add this at the end, but I'm not that used to employing the tag yet.

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Oh no, I'm not done! I just got lost.

Circling back to generativity: a centralised RBL makes the system less generative. At the same time, punting all responsibility to the admin/end user may have the effect that to reduce effort, admins block a little too easily.

This is *also* an approach towards balancing ease-of-use with effectiveness in keeping badness out, so that generativity can remain at maximum.

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... that this is an example of a semi-automated system for managing scoped trust.

I honestly think if we are to take decentralization and/or distribution seriously, that's the kind of thing we need to spend a lot more time with. I've just given a fedi compatible example, but it shouldn't be considered complete.

Ultimately, trust modeling must be a lot more refined than identity based *and* binary.

What other ideas/examples do you have here?

(I'm done, minus replying to responses)

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A half decent system that did this would also permit for some kind of recovery from blocks, e.g. limit blocks to a certain amount of time, or limit trust to a certain amount of time or block recommendations, before they expire.

Such an expiration might lead to further review, etc.

I'm not really interested in drawing up the entire system.

What I'm interested in is that a) the human intervention is good, but b) some automation is good, and c)...

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As a admin/user, you'd primarily see this kind of formal message, which could be displayed in a content type specific way by your client. You could accept or reject the recommendation with a click, but still need to use your own judgement.

Your system could further display how many of this source's recommendations you accepted or rejected, so you can come to some informed decision on whether to activate a potential "trust this source's recommendations automatically".

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... state such a thing as "I trust block recommendations from X for reason Y". (Yeah, this might not be a triplet exactly, but consider that RDF can go deep. Just go with it.)

So if I configure my system with such rules, my instance - or my profile - could follow block recommendations automatically, and still conform to my personal needs instead of a group agreement.

The only thing that's left is for the block recommendation to be more formal, too: "I recommend blocking X for reason Y"

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Further, this trust does not have to be bidirectional (ok, this is actually covered in WoT). My trust in their blocks isn't the same as their trust in mine.

Third related topic. Earlier today I was commenting to someone's question about Solid, which went off into RDF land for a toot. Now without having to go fully into RDF mode, there is a truth here that we can apply to trust as well as blocklists, in that we *can* model trust in some things as a triplet of sorts.

In principle, we can...

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The main issue here is that while in the web of trusts, trust *levels* exist, there is no concept of trust *topics*.

Like, I will trust some people's block recommendations pretty much blindly. But would I trust them with my credit card details? Fuck no.

That doesn't make them untrustworthy people, though - it's just that our relationship implies trust along one topic, but not all others.

Unconditional trust does not exist in the real world either, despite what some people may demand of you.

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