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NGI Trust was showcasing a model whereby smaller grants are given to projects at a research stage, and larger grants with more requirements more for projects that wanted to develop to market. I think that this kind of staggered approach would benefit all funding topics, with something like @NGIZero at the earliest stages.

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I also hope I managed to get across to the EC representatives how good the model from @NGIZero is especially for smaller, more grassroots projects. The flexible timeline is worth everything, especially in times.

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Very good session, IMHO. I was able to raise some points (not sure how they're going to be acted upon, but that's a separate issue). And I couldn't quite keep myself from mentioning, in passing, how much good there comes from in terms of e.g. privacy and security on the internet, while the EU simultaneously pushes for

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plague, dewormer, actual science 

Fascinating meta-analysis of ivermectin and covid research.

TLDR: studies that show ivermectin is successful in treating covid all come from places with serious parasite problems. It's not "ivermectin helps fight covid," it's "having worms makes you vulnerable to covid."

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PS. I maintain a list of funding resources, so if you have any additional candidates, I'd be happy to see them added:

Good parenting moment: teaching my daughter the meaning of muckefuck.


Pic-up a phone and tell the Commissionaires responsible, you don’t bend under EU’s repressive ChatControl rule.

Dial: EU Home Affairs Commissioner Johansson (lead responsible)

#StopChatControl #PrivacyIsNotACrime

(For right order, check the “Key” link)


Zum 1.12. tritt eine Novelle des Telekommunikationsgesetzes in Kraft.

Mobilfunk- & Festnetzverträge sind dann nach Ablauf der Mindestlaufzeit immer monatlich kündbar und verlängern sich nicht mehr um längere Zeiträume bei verpasster Kündigungsfrist.

Gilt auch für bestehende Verträge.

"Every day as I started my shift, I would don our robotic armature. We would grab what’s called a TCI device—which looks like a giant smartphone—and strap it to one arm, and with the other hand pick up a scanner. We’d log into our device, and from that moment on no longer be in control of our actions. Instead, this device would determine where we would go, what tasks we would be doing, and how good an employee we were. "



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The other day I came upon a great quote:

"Any decentralized [ecosystem] requires a centralized substrate, and the more decentralized the approach is the more important it is that you can count on the underlying system."

See my toot about it:

This idea of the "substrate" was a new insight for me (I was aware of it of course, but not in this perspective, and it very much pertains to the #Fediverse imho)

English is a funny language with almost as many exceptions as rules. For example, did you know the word “billionaire” must always be preceded by the word “fucking?”

Hallo, ich heisse Jens, und ich arbeite an verteilten Systemen. Die, wo jeder Knoten tut was er fuer's Beste haelt (Stichwort: P2P). So ungefaehr wie unsere Gesellschaft.

Wenn ein Knoten Mist baut, wird er einfach umschifft. Bauen genuegend Knoten genuegend Mist, geht das ganze Netzwerk kaputt.

So ist's auch mit dem Impfen. Kann nen guten Grund dagegen geben. Aber wir bleiben nur gesund als Gesellschaft, wenn die meisten keinen Mist uebertragen. Und dabei hilft Impfen.


"There has been a time when the Internet was mainly a project for the military, a time in which it was a project for academics, then came a time the Internet was a project for corporations. Now is the time we make the Internet a project for citizens and communities."


This medical paper found in a birdsite reply just made my day:

"Parachute use to prevent death and major trauma when jumping from aircraft: randomized controlled trial"

Huhu! Kennt sich wer mit Abmahnkram aus oder ne*n spezialisierte*n Anwält*in? Ich fürchte, ich hab mir da was eingefangen...

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