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If your soup thickens sufficiently, it's valid to call it a gloup.

I am, in fact, having a good day! I wrote a thing, for the first time in some months.

This is basically a sketch spec for distributed authorization I'm playing with. Would love some feedback, especially on similar approaches.

medical, long covid, + 

So it looks like some scientists think they may've figured out what's up with long covid - people have a lot of micro blood clots which normally a body is good at breaking down, but these ones have inflammatory chemicals trapped in them and aren't breaking down.

Most likely they're reducing the amount of oxygen getting to cells, which sure would explain a lot of the symptoms.

If one follows the @fosdem mailing list, one might conclude I'm having a bad day. I'm not. I just hate political trolling.


Falls ihr in Baden-Württemberg wohnt und ne Location nur die Luca App anbietet: Seit dem 15.10.2021 erlaubt die #Corona-Verordnung in §8 Abs. 4 die Verwendung der Corona-Warn-App. Damit könnt ihr auch den #LucaApp Code scannen.

Also: Luca deinstallieren! #UninstallLucaApp

if you have Norton Antivirus or Norton VPN, delete the software ASAP.
Norton is automatically installing and running a cryptocurrency mining program in the backgrounds of their users. There is no text box asking to confirm the use of this program and is installed automatically, it runs during “downtime” on your computer . While the official announcement said that this program was exclusive to the US, international users are reporting it as well. We don’t know the exact scope yet.

Iron Butterfly - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida
1968 Atlantic ATL 40 022
Classic Rock

Click the names you are familiar with.

If you understand the pupose of this poll, boost the post to get more sample data.

I think one of the really awesome things with the Matrix is that if you know what a trans narrative is, it’s pretty obviously that, but if you don’t it totally reads as just a universal story of alienation, identity, and found community all themes that are pretty much universal aspects of the human experience. It’s almost like trans people are people and trans rights are human rights…

Just wondering... if you can't use the elevator when the fire alarm goes off, but it's the only thing connecting the upper floors to the exit... how does a disabled person escape in case of fire?

Like, seriously, there are disabled people living in apartments that aren't on the first floor. I can think of no way how they could possibly escape in such a situation. Why are our buildings still build like this.

Ich bin seit knapp 30 Jahren Software-Entwickler, und bin fertig damit. Aktuell suche ich… etwas Neues. Ich will mich komplett neu orientieren. “Irgendwas mit Klima und Umwelt”.

Aber ich hab keine Ahnung, wo anfangen…
Habt ihr Ideen?

tfw Mozilla goes in on crypto nonsense, and the original creators of the Firefox browser call them out on their bullshit.

RT @Kaithral
Fucking amazing explanation of why NFTs are a scam. It's the same thing, just hundreds or thousands of times more expensive. (Not my content, not sure where it originally came from.)

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