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Die meisten Websites und Apps schicken heute unkontrolliert Profildaten über uns an dutzende Werbedatenfirmen, sobald wir sie nutzen.

In den USA passiert das im Schnitt 747 Mal pro Tag und Person, in Deutschland und Österreich immer noch 334 bzw. 267 Mal:


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Nun wird also doch in #Rubel (per Doppelkonto bei Gazprom-Bank) bezahlt. Damit unterminiert die EU ihre Sanktionen gegen #Russland. Das ist angesichts der anhaltenden Offensive und der im Übrigen unveränderten Lage ein verheerendes Signal an #Putin: Sein Kurs hat Erfolg. #Ukraine

🌈 Regenbogentag! Ein paar kunterbunte #StreetArt zum Internationalen Tag gegen Homo-, Bi-, Inter- und Transphobie / 🏳️‍🌈 (International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia and Transphobia)🎈Artist: #davidpuck, divers, wonderful, #arty_and_chikle, unkwon, urban, all over the world - - #urbanart #art #mastoart #queer #Idaho #Idahobit #love #rainbow

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But this is why it's important for us all to try and improve people's digital literacy. Because more and more of our lives are affected by our online interactions.

The real life consequences from our virtual lives will endanger people, so they need more information to be able to quantify the risk.

Musicians, there is still ONE DAY left to submit songs to #fedivision! Send us your original and unreleased songs until May 17th 2022, 3 PM CEST to enter and join the fun! Enter your songs at and follow the bot @fedivision #music #mastodon

Petition unterzeichnen:

#Chat-#Überwachung stoppen!

Liebesnachrichten, Urlaubsfotos, Familien-Chats: Jede Nachricht wird mitgelesen. Geht es nach der #EU-#Kommission, könnten bald #Polizei und #Justiz dauerhaft auf unser Handy schauen; selbst bei verschlüsselten #Messengern wie #WhatsApp, #Threema oder #Signal. Was als Maßnahme gegen die Darstellung von Kindesmissbrauch gedacht war, droht zum Mittel für #Totalüberwachung zu werden. Innenministerin Nancy Faeser ...

One of the big threats to media freedom is #chatcontrol.

Imagine a situation like the ABC in Australia was raided, except it's a media organization in Europe that Europol doesn't like.

@jens @rysiek @selea @EU_Commission @NGIZero
Let's not forget what's happening in the US with Roe vs Wade where private communications, plus metadata about their searches, for folks seeking abortions could be used to prosecute them. It does not take that much to be on the wrong side of the law.

#chatcontrol is #masssurveillance and will infringe on the human rights of EU citizens and EU residents.

#Chatkontrolle #EU #vonderleyen #übergriffig
Tausche den Begriffe 'Terrorist' durch 'Pädophil' aus und wir sind wieder zusammen.

Was 2001 ganz klein begann, greift nun immer weiter um sich. Inzwischen stehen wir direkt hinter China und Russland, was die Überwachung der Bürger angeht. Da fragt man sich, was haben die Abgeordneten von solchen Gesetzten, für wen machen sie diese Art von Politik? Wie passt das mit der EU Charte der Grundrechte zusammen?
Du bist Terrorist

@EU_Commission This approach is totally wrong and won't fix the problem you're trying to address it. I really believe the intentions are good, but the approach to make these intentions a reality is just wrong. Besides the technological issues such as false positives, do you want to live in a #surveillance EU state? #criminals will just move to non-surveillance platforms, they are not stupid. Better move the battle to these non-surveillance platforms instead of invading everyone's #privacy.

Child abuse is a heinous crime, not a means to attack digital rights.

In July 2021, EC chief Ursula von der Leyen said that "reports about (#pegasus) spyware being used on journalists went against EU values."

The draft legislation attacks both privacy and anonymity on the internet.

So, the draft legislation is going against EU values, isn't it?

#eu #chatcontrol #privacy

@EU_Commission @EDPS the endless stream of well-founded criticism should've made very clear a long time ago: This #ChatControl regulation is a crazy bad idea!

It's incomprehensible that it found its way this far through the #EUParliament and #EUCommission and only serves to seriously undermine the #Trust citizens have in the #EU.

Does it show incompetence with MEP's? Malice? Power abuse? Taking the easy road and just surveill everything? Likely a combination of all that.


@EU_Commission You do NOT protect children with this gruesome proposal, you actively put them in jeopardy as they neither can safely talk about their experiences to anyone anymore nor can underage couples send each other pictures privately without beig instantly criminalized. #chatcontrol is even rejected by CHILD ABUSE VICTIMS THEMSELVES!
Even if you pass this hideous abomination of #MassSurveilance, it will be ripped apart by courts in a second. We will defend freedom.

What is being proposed is directly opposite to our projects and the reasons we got funded as part of the Privacy Enhancing Technologies funding. This has roll on consequences for any product that may provide a communication service in the EU.

It's horrific and the potential for mandating backdoors is contrary to #RFC1984. Which #RFC 8280 references along with a couple of other relevant RFCs.
@rysiek @selea @EU_Commission @NGIZero

So, how do people run their own personal #fediverse instances? What software? Self-hosted or paying for hosting?

To do my part in ensuring the fediverse stays diverse, I think I'd rather not use mastodon. Also, I'd rather not run that kind of bloat on my small homelab when selfhosting


Die Website European Alternatives nennt europäische Alternativen zu Google, Cloudflare, GitHub, Amazon S3, Sentry, reCAPTCHA und Co.

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