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Please boost! Job search 

Hey hey,

I'm thinking of doing a cursory job search here. Got a bachelor's in Comp. Sci., plenty of networking experience, some range of full stack web dev., and work experience as a test automation engineer. Can commute if needed. Please boost and HMU if you've got any openings! (DM if you need to know location-wise where I am)

FediBlock needs help 

Hey everybody.
We @fediblock are currently too few and too busy people to keep the project going, so we need you to join us!

Ist es unter Linux möglich, einen USB-Stick als Entschlüsselungs-Schlüssel zu verwenden? Also Stick rein und alles gut - Stick raus und alles ist verschlüsselt und bootet nicht?

Geht immer noch um mein Problem der nicht erkannten Tastatur beim Kaltstart.

I've been reminded that I haven't posted in a while. Sadly, the sunflowers have all been eaten by snails. Meanwhile, the cucumbers all died except for one.

Basil, chives and parsley are thriving, as are the lettuces. Radishes have long been eaten.

But the tomatoes promise to be the winners.

Die Bundesregierung stellt der EU-Kommission 61 treffende, kritische und schwierige Fragen zur #Chatkontrolle. Überzeugende Antworten dürften der Kommission ziemlich schwerfallen. Wir veröffentlichen den Fragenkatalog im Volltext.

Differences of opinion are fine, fwiw. But this makes me roll my eyes.

It's genuinely baffling to me, does the guy think we don't understand what he's doing, or does he think he'll get away with it? If neither, what does he hope to achieve?

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This may or may not be a school that, if it were MIT or KIT (which it isn't) might've shortened their name to coincide with the name of a popular version control system.

I mean, allegedly. Supposedly? Hypothetically!

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I mean, what would this alleged situation hypothetically do for your reputation as a school?

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COMPLETELY UNRELATED QUESTION (not), if you're a university and hired a professor for, amongst other things, sitting in a group monitoring internet governance issues, should you want to know that said professor may or may not try to sabotage such a coalition by trying to block every single thing he personally disagrees with?

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🇬🇧 🚨 Shocking news from London:

The British government agrees to the extradition of Julian #Assange to the USA, where he faces the death penalty. A huge blow for #whistleblowers, journalists & #pressfreedom.


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So you join a coalition for something. It includes a mailing list, where potential statements are being discussed, and sign-on opportunities for such statements are issued.

There is *no* mandate to sign everything.

If you join such a list, and your only contribution is to complain that none of the offered statements include your point of view that *hardly anyone* agrees with... why do you do that?

I mean, there's a transparent answer. But... do people not see how transparent they are?

Brace yourselves: new UK data laws are coming

“The Government have just announced their plans to gut the UK General Data Protection Regulation. They are proposing to bonfire your rights and remove the protections the law affords to your private life, vulnerabilities, and aspirations.” #GDPR

OCLC v Clarivate 

I like how Clarivate is a "multi-billion-dollar conglomerate" and OCLC is this poor non-profit library organisation. This press release has done a great job of showing how terrible they both are.

So a USB floppy disk drive is cheaper than a pack of floppy disks. There goes my idea of using floppy disks and their labels as a business card, like some folks did in the 90s.

I so rarely use business cards, it may still be affordable, but it's still a bit on the pricey side.

EU's ECT allows fossil fuel corps to sue governments for implementing green policies. Abolishing the treaty is a no brainer, but some EU countries are still on the fence.

Sign the petition and #EndFossilFuelProtection, less than 200k signatures missing!

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