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The other day, walking home from kindergarten, our 3.5yo picked up sticks and explained their all magic wands. This one shoots ice, that one fire, but the best one shoots poisonous arrows, that kill monsters.

It was a proud dad moment to witness the reinvention of a wand of magic missile.

Ah, today I learned about the Sweet Lies project:

> Sweet Lies changes server code to make it possible to run your own Signal server anywhere you want.



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I have just published a post announcing several changes to You can read it here:

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Alright so.
Someone got real rude to me and told me that they didn't go to my (free) talk last night cause it's on Zoom.

So - if you want @SummerSchool to have some FOSS things the best way to do that is to help us as organizers.

We reached out to some folks, and we couldn't afford their prices

And since we don't charge for the conference we only have our personal money to pay for things, so you know

So if you want to help out, when calls for volunteers for organizing comes - join!

DAG kinda works. I have to change some things to get lexical ordering out of it. It was a heat induced brain fart not to go there immediately.

For a moment I was worried that I had messed something up on Friday.

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Sollte es eine Fortsetzung des 9-Euro-Tickets geben, und wärst du bereit, dafür auf die Existenz der FDP zu verzichten?

Did you know about the Software Heritage project? I think I like it, sounds like the Internet Archive, but for repos, and entire software forges. I just submitted a request to my own "forge" (cgit serving all my public git repos).

«The long term goal of the Software Heritage initiative is to collect all publicly available software in source code form together with its development history, replicate it massively to ensure its preservation, and share it with everyone who needs it. The Software Heritage archive is growing over time as we crawl new source code from software projects and development forges.»

Apparently this is an INRIA project.

Direct quote about Chuck was "wow, he's got a cool voice", followed by awkward attempts to growl.

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Take note of when media very frequently uses certain words together, like 'gay' and 'promiscuity' or 'AIDS' or 'monkeypox', or 'Islam' and 'terrorism' or 'extremism'. This leads to what Sara Ahmed refers to as “words becoming sticky”, whereupon you only need to say one of the words to get the other meaning to appear in the population's minds. The media is well aware of this phenomenon, and that is PRECISELY WHY they do it.

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K1 upgraded from Metallica to Death today, but ended up liking the "calmer" Dio a bit better.

Fool, fool! 🤘

I wrote down my long term vision for #forge #federation. A constellation of forges, where Free Software is grown locally and organically 🌱

@forgefriends @gitea @hostea @forgefed @codeberg #framagit are pieces of this puzzle, each developed with ❤️

There is no need for mega forges with millions of projects and tenths of millions of people ruled by a centralized power. ☠️

They must vanish and make room for thousands of small forges communicating with each other. 🤝

Two decades of Alzheimer's research may be based on deliberate fraud that has cost millions of lives:

I remember seeing an item on the TV not long ago where the presenter was puzzling over why drugs that successfully targeted amyloid plaques did not seem to have any effect slowing or stopping the development of Alzheimer's. I guess now we know 😕

Longterm I may want a future where clicking a link didn't imply consent to run whatever scripts that site desires, & where browsers were feasable to fork. I may personally want this future today since in my websurfing the drawbacks of having JavaScript enabled far outweigh the benefits.

But what I'm really asking from you isn't so much to write no JavaScript, but to write better JavaScript. To write less JavaScript, make less work for yourself.


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